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Having faced the wrath of Burasa’s pen CMI-RNC trolls celebrate the demise of eminent journalist Burasa

The untimely death of Jean Goulbert Burasa, a veteran journalist and a genocide survivor has shaken the local and regional media fraternity to the core.

The proprietor of Rushyashya, a Kinyarwanda vernacular newspaper, Burasa was known in the local media as a resilient media owner and journalist who weathered the media turbulence which affected the entire world, and managed to keep a print publication buoyant in troubled waters for several years when many closed shop, before bowing to change and going online. Burasa was a frequent invitee at presidential press conferences at Urugwiro Village, where he always articulated issues affecting the country.

But somehow, the RNC and senile Museveni anti-Rwanda propaganda orchestra seemed to have a problem with Burasa, who always defended Rwanda against their smears. They hated his guts for calling them out on their cowardice, fraud and dishonesty. Burasa did not mince words when it came to debunking RNC propaganda churned out on the dissident online propaganda radios operating in exile. Burasa died from a severe stroke after doctors at CHUK and King Faisal Hospitals fought to save his life but couldn’t.

It is quite sad to see failed journalists like Sulah Nuwamanya also jump onto the RNC bandwagon celebrating the death of Burasa. Typically, Nuwamanya can’t even spell Burasa’s name, but he has the audacity to fix himself on the list of those who came face to face with the wrath of Burasa’s pen. Because he saw others writing about the unfortunate death, the wannabe copycat felt left out, and had to weigh in.

It is funny that Nuwamanya, a deadbeat dad who ran off to Kampala to be with his long-time concubine Prossy Bonabaana leaving his wife and four children in the care of the Rwanda government, would delude himself that anyone would meet their death on his account. If anyone needs visitation from satan, it should be Sulah Nuwamanya and fellow RNC terrorists and senile Museveni sponsored anti-Rwanda propagandists.

Everyone will face death at one point, but Nuwamanya, the RNC gang and their senile sponsor will meet a humiliating one. Rest in power patriot Jean Goulbert Burasa.

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