Himbara should advise his senile coughing Museveni to wear masks, his ministers are on the verge of contracting COVID-19

For anyone doubting that David Murunganwa Himbara is a paid mouthpiece, his incoherence is a definite proof. If Senile Museveni tells him write this, he executes blindly without considering his previous posts. For instance, the Ugandan regime mouthpiece’s weird medical advice for the Rwandan Leader to wear a mask barely a few days after writing rumors that he was no longer a live. In reality, the sponsored smear is a classic example of Senile Museveni’s deflection tricks.

We have all seen how it is done in Uganda. In order to fake good health, Senile Museveni engages in 2 hours live televised broadcast to delude Ugandans that he’s keeping up with the COVID-19 happenings in the country yet the opposite is true. His media team has an entire set of instructions on how to film and stage manage the event. The film crew quickly spins cameras at dizzying speeds away from the old and frail ruler of Uganda every time he wants to cough, sneeze or spit his cancerous mucus out. The weed smoking paid mouthpiece will not mention how dangerous it is to be in the same room or area with a heavy coughing sickly person.

In his senility, Museveni only comes to realize after that his media escapades expose his frailty. He then solicits the service of the immoral terrorist Rwanda National Congress propagandist capable of writing anything for money for damage control. Incoherently, Himbara pretends to be concerned about public health in Rwanda while taking and trafficking terrorist funds. Himbara who forwarded two million dollars to Ben Rutabana (a fellow terrorist that mysterious disappeared) to support RNC terrorist operations, is the last person to care about public health.

Speaking of people died in the President’s office; the truth of the matter is Himbara and fellow anti-Rwanda trolls attribute all deaths to the government even those who have died of natural causes like illness or accidents, are all blamed on the Head of the State and his government. Reading much from Himbara’s baseless allegations; the whole world knows how his sponsor Senile Museveni eliminated many of his comrades whom he perceived as threats to his life presidency. Gen Aronda Nyakairima, Gen James Kazini, Col Noble Mayombo just to mention a few; these were gallant officers that fought along Museveni and put him in power; but their only befitting rewards were mysterious deaths. Himbara should always check with facts before mudsling other leaders because his bankroller turns out to be worst.

Fact is, Himbara peddled rumors on the Rwandan President’s health to cover Senile Museveni’s ill health. His venomous “medical advice” is incoherent because it is sponsored and directed by an incoherent senile Museveni. Moreover, it is public knowledge that Himbara changed his name to fake academic credentials. For money, he now fakes expertise in public health.

Tricks and deceit will not change facts. Himbara’s sponsor is old and ill, Senile Museveni does not get younger or healthier when he pays Himbara and other trolls in his anti-Rwanda media campaign. The only thing they achieve is exhibiting their desperation.

Leading a nation for over 35 years and it’s still marred with endless mess, corruption, high profile assassinations, nepotism and all other sorts of turbulences; Senile Museveni and his mouthpiece Himbara should be more worried about how to fix Uganda; these petty games of attacking Rwandan Head of State will not be an added nightmare to their lives.

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