Himbara criticises everything done by RPF government to keep earning money from Senile Museveni and Rujugiro

Senile Museveni’s habit of interfering in other countries internal affairs is getting worse. A nomination in the Rwandan cabinet sparked his reflex to interfere. Unhappy with the new Rwandan Minister of State in charge of EAC, he immediately instructed his mouthpiece David Murunganwa Himbara, a weed smoking junky to mudsling two key Rwandan officials handling Rwanda-Uganda relations.

Senile Museveni whose leadership lies on its deathbed, has always been a corned man; his Canada based RNC and anti – Rwanda publicist David Himbara aka Murunganwa swindles him and walks away with millions of dollars to pump in anti-Rwanda media campaign where he criticises anything that happens in Rwanda that does not please Senile Museveni.

Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece, Fugitive Himbara enthusiastically criticises everything the RPF government does, be it appointments, development policies, COVID-19 measures, to keep receiving millions of dollars from Senile Museveni and Tribert Rujigiro who fund anti-Rwanda propaganda and anti-Rwanda armed groups such as RNC, FDLR. For instance Himbara collected millions of dollars from Rujugiro two times of which he transferred to Ben Rutabana to support RNC operations in both Uganda and DR Congo.

Museveni’s meddling in Rwandan affairs is increasing day by day as he grows very old and senile. Murunganwa should first advise his boss about his old, sleepy and corrupt ministers who have held ministerial posts for the last 34 years.

It’s written on the walls that Senile Museveni after imposing himself on Ugandans for over 35 years now; he is the despot that never holds his fellow leaders accountable. It borders on comical how his mouthpiece Himbara says that a Rwandan official has served too long; Museveni is the only leader who makes lifetime appointments where frail and crippled leaders die in offices. These are the same corrupt leaders, who have stolen, grabbed citizens’ land and engaged in all sorts of mischiefs but Senile Museveni failed to fire them nor hold them to account for theirs crimes.

Senile Museveni has been worried by the appointment of the Professor Nshuti Manasseh as state minister for East African community who clearly knows Uganda, especially his adoptive Bahima clan. It’s important to note that, this mudslinging of Rwandan officials will do nothing to cleanse Senile Museveni and his minions of thier anti-Rwanda sins and paying hefty sums of money to fraudsters Murunganwa to peddle their hostile propaganda in the media.

Professor Nshuti is a professor of economics, a man of integrity who after serving as a minister of finance and economic planing, served his country in other capacities till the day of his appointment in the foreign affairs docket. On the contrary Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece Himbara, a thief who plundered public resources, when he was fired from the President’s office ran out of the country. As an opportunist Himbara was hired by his motherland’s enemy with hefty pay, he joined anti-Rwanda terrorist groups RNC, FDLR who are bankrolled by Senile Museveni to destabilise Rwanda.

Any sober mind understands Senile Museveni and Himbara’s frustrations over Prof Nshuti’s appointment; this is the man who knows well Senile Museveni, his conmanship politics, all his shoddy dealings and political shenanigans, as a matter of fact Prof Nshuti has written series of articles exposing him and his anti-Rwanda elements on their failed “Destabilise Rwanda” project.

For Himbara aka Murunganwa, the self proclaimed economist and a fraudster, he will do anything as long as he gets money. He should be aware that attacking Rwandan leaders who served their country when he decided to desert to Canada will neither cure Senile Museveni’s regime which is on the deathbed, nor resurrect RNC terrorists whom Museveni hoped they would change the status quo in Kigali.

After RNC failed to yield positive results; Senile Museveni’s anti-Rwanda effort now concentrates on online hostile attacks. Clearly, Museveni has truly run out of ideas of how to meddle in Rwandan matters to the point of hiring a fraudster to complain about matters that do not concern him like appointment of government officials.

In his cowardly approach, Senile Museveni always fears facing his advsaries; he establish proxies groups like RNC, FDLR, FLN to desterilize Rwanda; it is in the same events that he throws tantrums through his idle and virulent mouthpiece Himbara to criticize everything that happens in Rwanda.

Everything is ok but Himbala is never stuck with bills, he enjoys museveni and rujugiros money. You should have just said that he criticises everything RPF government does to keep museveni and rujugiros money for him to fund his ant Rwanda prorpaganda and funding ant Rwanda armeds groups like thousands of dollars he corrected from rujugiro and gave it to Ben Rutabana 2 times.

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