Of Ugandan untouchable generals who threaten to ’cause trouble’ if fired or retired from the army, and their weak Commander-in-Chief

Senile Museveni’s troll, Obed Katurebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere finds fault in the President of Rwanda’s strong warning to the senior army and government officials over office mistakes during this year’s National Leadership Retreat in Gabiro. Knowing the government that the anti- Rwanda propagandist serves, it is easy to understand why he would consider a frank, no-holds-barred conversation between the President and the country’s senior leaders.

In senile Museveni’s wild west, there is no known occasion when the senior leadership retreats to reflect on their mandates and forge new strategies to correct where they may have failed and strengthen where they may have excelled.

This is because in a kleptocratic regime like Uganda, it is everyone on their own. The captain is not in charge of his ship, it’s a chaotic system where no one is accountable to anyone.

In senile Museveni’s kleptocratic leadership, once he appoints a family member or a comrade-in-crime, what they do with the appointment is up to them. They would not be expecting the President to check in on them to see how they are delivering services to Ugandans, who on paper, are supposed to be their actual employers. But in senile Museveni’s kleptocratic system, the tax payers and voters are taken for granted, and the president offers no help because he is part and parcel of the marauding gang.

It is no surprise therefore that the state house troll finds it an abomination that the Rwandan President could dare to use strong language against a minister or a general – especially a general.

The world knows only too well how generals are above the law in Uganda, except the few who may receive an awakening and call out senile Museveni to tell him the country needs leadership. There is a reason the army is called a disciplined force. That is because soldiers are trained to respect the hierarchy and follow a strict code of conduct.

Going by this, one finds it difficult to refer to senile museveni’s uniformed outfit as an army. The senile Oldman is Commander-in- Chief only on paper, because on the ground, every senior officer is a commander-in-chief in their own right.

The group that calls itself the ‘historicals’ has the license to terrorise the population with impunity, grabbing their land and shooting at their neighbours and instilling fear.

The world still remembers when senile Museveni attempted to remove a minister who also happens to be a ‘historical’ general, from his ministerial position in one of those rare reshuffles and the general threatened to ’cause trouble’. Senile Museveni has never touched him again to this day. The man has been hoping from ministry to ministry, causing corruption scandal after scandal. If this is what the CMI troll considers an ideal army, Ugandans need prayers.

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