Dull-witted RNC lapdog Nuwamanya should leave intellectual matters to people with an above average brain

A colleague of Sula Nuwamanya the dim-witted RNC trumpeter, who studied with him at the National University of Rwanda (UNR), now the University of Rwanda (UR), once commented on one of Sulah’s Facebook posts, reminding him of the advice lecturers used give in class and forums out of class.

Sulah Nuwamanya who took advantage of post genocide mass admissions into schools with relaxed scrutiny, to fraudulently gain an unmerited admission into the Rwandan education system as a national using fake papers, has a big mouth fitted to a minute brain. Nuwamanya’s former colleague reminded him how friends and lecturers used to advise him to make an effort to shut his mouth, unless he thought what he wanted to say was a matter of life and death.

This is after he made statements that would embarrass his friends, sometimes at university forums where students were expected to put their best foot forward.

One lecturer upon hearing his contribution at a students meeting, commented that if it were upon him, he would recommend that Sulah Nuwamanya goes back and start over first year secondary school. Others said he should go to mid primary…but thats a story for another day.

In sula Nuwamanya’s recent post, incoherent as usual, the retard tried to weigh in Prof. Manasseh Nshuti’s appointment (here we are only assuming because it’s hard to know who he meant because the dimwit did not even remember to mention who he was talking about). The monkey-see-monkey-do act failed miserably, as whoever cared to read his post could barely comprehend what he wanted to say.

Assuming it is Prof Manasseh that the retard was talking about, he thinks the academic personality does not merit the appointment, ostensibly because ‘when Museveni visited Inyange factory when prof. Manasseh was Chairman of Crystal ventures, the machines failed to start.’ Of course this never happened, when Senile Museveni visited Inyange, he toured and inspected all the factory premises, he was even shown how products are made ( here one wonders how this happened when the machine engines could not start). At the end of his visit, Museveni lauded Rwandan private sector for setting up Inyange and urged Ugandan investors to learn from Rwanda. Nuwamanya had to make another lie to support this disjointed argument meant to question Prof Manasseh’s ability to serve in his new position.

In the reward’s logic, this should be used as an indicator that prof Nshuti cannot handle the EAC docket in the foreign ministry. In the RNC mouthpiece’s cluttered mind, East African affairs is about starting and shutting down factory machine engines.

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