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Senile Museveni sponsored anti – Rwanda media propaganda led by demented Himbara runs dry

Weed smoking affects mental health and in particular, reaction time. David Murunganwa aka Himbara sponsored by Senile Museveni to sustain a hostile media campaign against Rwanda exposes his inability to keep up with current events.

Two days later, he suddenly remembers that President Kagame held a press conference. Suddenly, Himbara also realized that his sponsor, senile Museveni, gave one of his two hour long talks on all public and private owned televisions and radios. Paid to smear Rwanda constantly, Himbara’s smoke filled brain cannot process both events.

After shedding crocodile tears and writing poems to exploit the suicide of the late Kizito Mihigo, it took Himbara 48 hours to realize that a journalist asked the Rwandan President about Kizito. He was busy writing fiction, propaganda and forgot about his former partner in crime Kizito Mihigo. The embarrassed journalist who asked the misplaced question received no support from Himbara as he was busy sowing division among Rwandans on social media.

Drug addicts are inherently unreliable. Senile Museveni, deliberately or owing to his old age, undiplomatically revealed his conversation with other heads of states. Robotically, his mouthpiece amplified the blunder 48 hours later by posting about it.

As a Rwandan National Congress member and their chief propagandist, Himbara assisted in the persecution of Rwandans living Uganda leading to a travel advisory for Rwandan nationals. The advisory cost hundreds of millions to Uganda, and the Ugandan regime has been doing everything possible to have the travel ban lifted. The mere mention that President Kagame and Museveni talked on the phone excited Himbara and fellow anti-Rwanda propagandists. Weed made him forget that most countries are under lockdown, no one is traveling for business, besides his funded “border” narrative collapsed long ago. Borders are closed to all traffic except cargo.

It was clear during the televised address that Museveni, almost 80 years old, is aging fast. He could barely read numbers and names, he stuttered and kept repeating himself. With a mouthpiece whose work shows clear signs of memory loss, Senile Museveni’s online anti-Rwanda campaign is falling apart. Its initial objective of scapegoating Rwanda has backfired and is now indicative of their mental health issues.

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