As Rwanda’s public, private sector join strengths to support the COVID-19 Fund, Senile Museveni donates UGx 1.4m after pocketing over 600b

Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece, the prolific weed smoker David Murunganwa Himbara, will criticize anything in Rwanda to get his paycheques.

Sponsored by Senile Museveni in a ridiculous media campaign against Rwanda, Himbara has resorted to criticize donations in Rwanda to fight the coronavirus pandemic. It is his response to the embarrassment that his sponsoring regime entertains in the COVID-19 campaign funding.

While other countries’ Leaders are mobilizing resources and even donating their entire salaries, Senile Museveni and his cronies opted to increase their allowances to steal from the COVID-19 response fund. The Ugandan parliament, where senile Museveni’s party (NRM) has ultimate control, they recently passed a bill to allocate each Member of Parliament 20 Million Ugandan shillings. As part of the astronomical 300 Billion plus cooked up budget, the Ugandan regime earmarked over 6 Billion only for workshops.

Caught with his hand in the jar, Senile Museveni quickly backtracked on his decision and advised his MPs to donate the 20 million and announced that he too would donate half his salary. To cover the shameful attempt to profit from the global pandemic, Museveni’s Canada based mouthpiece (who has remained mentally unfit due to excessive consumption of narcotic drugs) Himbara decided to criticize one donation in Rwanda. The sponsored troll twists a donation from Crystal Ventures (CVL) taming it a “Presidential” donation.

His problem is that the ruling party’s Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) has shares in CVL. If he knew anything about businesses, he would know that shares can be bought or sold. Furthermore, his confusing of RPF, the Rwandan President, and CVL in a donation only makes him ridiculous since all three are bound to contribute in the country’s fight against the pandemic.

Unlike Senile Museveni’s kleptocratic regime where the priority seemed to be profiteering from the pandemic, in Rwanda all senior officials donated their entire April salaries as private and parastatals also led the way in donating for the fight against coronavirus.

Museveni made it clear, even in a pandemic; his political party will still receive 20% of his salary. It is the same party that passed a daylight robbery bill and that insist in using food relief as propaganda prompts.

David Murunganwa Himbara, weakened by his immoral sponsorship, is limited to fairytales. Accidentally, one fact is undeniable; in Rwanda everyone is chipping in while his sponsor’s regime chips away any funds donated to combat the pandemic.

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