Spyreports disregards investigation findings to peddle FDLR lies on Virunga attack that left 13 innocent rangers dead

As expected, Spyreports owned by Bob Atwine and sponsored by Senile Museveni’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), picks and runs away with a characteristically biased report by AFP, which gave undue prominence to a statement by FDLR, a genocidaires outfit that has caused unimaginable suffering in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo for decades, over anyone else.

The choice of the AFP title itself is enough to make even a casual reader smell a rat. First of all, the Virunga management was categorical in pointing out the perpetrator of the attack that killed 16 of their rangers in an ambush. Nobody knows the area better than them, and this is not the first attack by FDLR in that area.

Clearly, AFP is typically lending credence to FDLR propaganda statement which seeks to portray the genocidaire outfit as innocent victims. Anyone who accords a platform to FDLR to proclaim that they are angels should be held accountable by the international community which declared the genocide outfit a terrorist organisation.

During the presidential press conference early this week, President Kagame demystified rumours doing the rounds to the effect that Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) soldiers were operating in DR Congo. The President cited the DR Congo government as witness that there were no Rwandan troops on DR Congo soil.

But strangely, CMI tabloid Spyreports which still enjoys Uganda regime’s millions of shillings to mudsling the Rwandan leadership, had to amplify a report that preferred FDLR statement over an evidence based account by the bereaved Virunga park management who are mourning 16 of their rangers.

It is clear that FDLR, after suffering a series of heavy losses alongside other negative forces operating in the jungles in the Eastern DR Congo, at the hands of the DR Congo army (FARDC), carried out the desperate attack on the innocent rangers. It is futile to try and sanitise the FDLR, a genocidaire armed group that has continued to wreak havoc, perpetrating heinous acts against Congolese nationals.

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