It’s only in a kleptocratic, corrupt regime like Museveni’s where panicky ‘first family’ has to keep stolen state funds to offshore accounts

Obed Katureebe, the Ugandan regime communication commission officer operating the Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere Facebook page, lies and smears Rwanda for a living.

The FakeNews Facebook page is part of Senile Museveni’s anti-Rwanda arsenal targeting Rwanda’s Leadership and their families. This time, Katureebe’s fallaciously narrative is that the first family has offshores accounts in safe heavens.

Not so long ago, another Senile Museveni mouthpiece, David Murunganwa Himbara, made the same insinuations in a concerted effort to tarnish the Rwandan Head of State. Senile Museveni doesn’t like the fact that Rwanda is praised for its transparency while Uganda is synonymous to corruption. At Senile Museveni’s request, Himbara and Katureebe attempt to lower Rwanda to his kleptocratic nepotist regime.

For every crime that one can think of, there is a document case of a Museveni committing it. Katureebe’s despicable attempt to drag members of the Rwandan first family in his imaginary offshore story is a frivolous attempt to defend the Museveni clan behavior in Uganda with a false parallel. Unlike Uganda, there are no “first son” Generals and “first lady” Ministers in Rwanda nor will you hear of “first daughters” involved in human trafficking scandals.

Katureebe always draws inspiration from his surroundings. A nephew of the Rwandan National Congress co-founder strangled by prostitutes in South Africa, Katureebe’s exposure to the unique Kleptocratic Uganda regime can be seen all over his posts. The Panama paper’s leak of offshore bank accounts revealed that the wife of the “first son” of Uganda, Lt-Gen. Muhoozi, who also happens to be the daughter of the country’s foreign affairs minister had millions of dollars in offshore banks. Both Mrs Muhoozi and Sam Kuteesa, her father, along with other members of the close inner circles of Senile Museveni’s family rob Uganda and stash their money abroad.

There are endless examples of Senile Museveni and Sam Kuteesa stealing money and involvement in high level corruption. One case that Katureebe must know, that made international headlines, is the Patrick Ho case. Ho was convicted in New York for bribing Museveni and Kuteesa with $500,000 each. Kuteesa, Uganda’s foreign affairs minister and father-in-law to the “first son” doesn’t travel to the USA fearing arrest nor will Senile Museveni try it when his presidency ends.

Obed Katureebe’s fictions of a first family involved in corruption and offshore stashing is only valid in Uganda, the state that employs and sponsors him.

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