Senile Museveni’s Anti-Rwanda propagandists rejoice over RwandAir’s strategic decision to cope with COVID-19 challenges as Uganda Airlines runs bankrupt

Uganda regime paid Anti- Rwanda propagandist and trolls, hired for years by senile Museveni to tarnish Rwanda, are jubilating that RwandAir is experiencing difficulties in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All airlines worldwide, are going through severe difficulties with the pandemic reducing air traffic by an unprecedented 70%. Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece, David Murunganwa Himbara, led the charge with his usual inaccuracies while Chimpreports cooked up fallacious data to support their hostile narrative.

As the whole world fights against the pandemic, airlines are faced with difficult choices. To avoid bankruptcy, some airlines resorted to massive layoffs, and other drastic measures. RwandAir, a major player in the airline industry in Africa, opted for pay-cuts; a more sensible approach indicative of a strong sense of solidarity.

David Himbara, the weed smoking mouthpiece sponsored by senile Museveni, incapable of reading a simple press release, twisted the announcement of an 8% to 65% pay-cut to an imaginary 85% pay cut. Major airlines like British Airways, Virgin, and Air Canada are all going through the same process some opting for massive layoffs. Air Canada, for example laid off 5000 employees, British Airways announced an 80% salary reduction scheme. Only sponsored trolls and propagandists will be rejoicing at a global crisis.

Himbara and Chimpreports have always had RwandAir in their sights. The airline represents what Uganda could have achieved if it had not been governed by a kleptocratic mafia for the last 35 years. The airline has faced outright sabotage from the Ugandan regime that sponsors Chimpreports, Himabara and others. Unfairly, for instance, Senile Museveni denied it landing and embarking rights for European routes in an effort to contain its growth.

Senile Museveni has always been envious of RwandAir with twelve aircrafts, including two Airbus A330s and six Boeing 737-700s and 737-800s. His corruption in his regime led to the total collapse of Uganda Airlines, its recent failed revival attempt was marred with further corruption in the purchase of two small bombardiers.

RwandAir contributes enormously to the tourism sector and holds so much potential that Qatar Airways recently announced a major investment in the airline. The Qatar deal, a $1.3 Billion investment in the National Airport and Airline carrier, was a vote of confidence in the Rwandan Airline industry.

The Ugandan regime hostile propagandist should realize that the world will overcome the global pandemic. While they dance and jubilate at aviation troubles, they should consider their own issues first.

After the COVID-19 pandemic as other airline recover, they will still have a kleptomaniac Museveni regime running down the infant Uganda airlines. The issue for Uganda is not a periodic setback caused by a pandemic, it is endemic corruption that has lasted for 35 years.

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