RNC minion Sulah Nuwamanya should be preparing for his defense once extradited, instead of playing advocate for fellow criminals

The Uganda Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and Rwanda National Congress (RNC) sponsored loudmouth Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi can’t even help himself, but his deluded mind makes him think he is superman who can advocate for his partners in crime.

As it is, Sulah has enough problems of his own, and had he been born smart, one would expect him to deal with them first before thinking he could play advocate for fellow criminals.

But then, it is Sulah the dimwit we are talking about here. Those who know him well say he always has a way of involving himself in other people’s business even when he can see that issues at hand are beyond his under developped IQ.

Sulah even lacks the level of brains that can concoct a credible lie. He talks of the arrest of someone whose wife is a high ranking UN official, but again says that to arrest him, police had to pretend like they were distributing relief food!

Unlike Uganda, Rwanda is a law abiding country; the law enforcement organ like Police has a right to arrest any suspect regardless of their status, there are no untouchables. Suspects were lawfully arrested, they will be produced before the court of law with their advocates, the judiciary will rule if proven guilty, they will serve their sentences or acquitted of found innocent.

Sulah forgets that Rwanda is not Uganda where COVID-19 relief food is being used as a trade-off for beatings, looting and sexual favours. As a reputable law enforcement institution, the Rwanda National Police employs standard procedures and follows due process in arrest and prosecution of suspects.

The nutty Sulah shamelessly asks “when did Africa come to this?”; such question should be asked to his bankrollers; if he’s a man enough playing advocate, he should take them to task on the committed crimes against humanity; in both grenade attacks thrown in Kigali and the ongoing arbitrary arrests, torture and murder of innocent Rwandans in Uganda.

Understandably, the mentally unfit Sulah’s posts are influenced by his environment. He should not panic though, once he is extradited, his crimes will be prosecuted following due process. A piece of advice from his friend, writing smears about Rwanda will not change his awaited fate, he will be soon extradited and account for his crimes.

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