Fugutive Murunganwa Himbara and his Paymaster Senile Museveni caught up in politics of diversionary to digress from his life presidency agenda

The weed smoking mouthpiece sponsored by Senile Museveni, David Murunganwa Himbara, is always simplifying issues in his effort to tarnish Rwanda.

Omitting key facts, he twists and takes the speech of the President of Rwanda to fit his senile Museveni’s narrative. After 35 years of rule, Museveni will soon seek an extra 5 years to reach 40 years in power. Desperate, Senile Museveni is looking for equivalencies in the region to justify his never ending reign, being the reason why instructs Himbara, his mouthpiece, to distort facts about Rwanda.

Unlike Uganda where Senile Museveni bribed members of parliament and brutalized those who opposed his stay in power, the people of Rwanda opted to keep their leader in office.
The process in Rwanda began with a public petition that saw over 3 million signatures, followed by a bill in parliament and culminated in a referendum in December 2015. A famous catch phrase “Turamushaka” (we want him) resonated and accurately captured the mood of the constitutional amendment process in Rwanda. With a loud voice, the people of Rwanda made a sovereign call and President Kagame answered the call.

In Uganda, the process was the opposite with chants like “Museveni must go”. Riots broke out everywhere in the country and even in parliament. To circumvent the age limit in the constitution, after deleting the term limits, Senile Museveni opted for a back door operation. He opted to bribe and intimidate members of parliament to pass a bill without consulting the people of Uganda. The besieged ruler of Uganda got his way but is always fighting the old man image with choreographed physical exercises on television. We saw Senile Museveni run, jump and even try pushups to combat the obvious, his image of an aging unhealthy despot determined to stay in power for life.

Senile Museveni sponsored online attacks strategy via his weed smoking mouthpiece is just another desperate attempt to hoodwink his citizens with a diversion. David Himbara, once offered front page cover in Ugandan state owned media, will not manage to sanitize his sponsor from the backdoor loophole tactic to cling onto power.

Scapegoating Rwanda after 35 years of kleptocracy, corruption and nepotism via a weed smoking mouthpiece shows how desperate Senile Museveni is getting.

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