Senile Museveni’s trolls irked by Rwanda’s $1m contribution to African Union COVID-19 Response Fund

Rwanda’s contribution to the Africa COVID-19 Response Fund has startled senile Museveni and his cronies out of their post supplementary budget awards hangover.

Museveni’s bankrolled trolls funded through his Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), including Spyreports and UCC’s Obed Katureebe, alias Robert Fati Gakwerere, and the dull-witted Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi could barely wait for the day to break for them to spin Rwanda’s contribution, and portray the Panafrican gesture of solidarity as a ‘wasteful venture.’

But unlike Uganda, Rwanda is famed for ingenuity in management of her available resources. It is Rwanda’s conviction that one doesnt have to be stinking rich to offer a helping hand. When calamity strikes, Rwanda and indeed African culture calls for solidarity to mitigate the suffering. However, it is clear that greed has blinded Ugandan leaders to the extent that they don’t want to give and at the same time they are not happy when others do.

Just because Rwanda does not conduct its affairs with showy funfares does not mean nothing is happening on the ground. The difference between Rwanda and Uganda is humility. While Senile Museveni’s Uganda chooses pandemonium in quest of dispensing their affairs, Rwanda is famous for taking a clinical approach, which has invariably borne impressive results in all spheres.

While the eyes of Senile Museveni and his trolls are literally jumping out of their sockets and salivating at the one million USD that Rwanda donated to the Africa COVID-19 Response Fund, like hyenas, greedy Ugandan leaders are helping themselves on the COVID-19 fund.

During his 11th TV address, Museveni talked of interest in a regional approach in the fight against COVID-19, and yet, his dimwitted trolls have the audacity to question Rwanda’s contribution for the same cause. How does Museveni expect the approach to work? This exposes the senile regime ruler‘s hypocrisy.

Not even a Court injunction could deter Ugandan members of Parliament from stealing 20 millions each, giving as their defense that everyone else was also stealing, referring to Museveni’s cunning award to himself of even more millions from the supplementary budget.

There are quite a lot matters of importance to Uganda which is worth reporting, for instance Obed Katurebe, Bob Atwiine of Spyreports and CommandPost should question Senile Museveni’s issuing of 10bn to his Members of Parliament hurriedly even before the court ruling.

Giving and sharing the little you have with those in need and contributing for a good cause are key values in Rwanda’s rich and vast culture. It is considered taboo in Rwandan culture for one to have a meal when the neigjbour sleeps on an empty stomach. It is not the first time that Rwanda has contributed from her little resources, as a gesture of solidarity with humanity at times of distress.

The contribution to the AU therefore should not have come as a surprise to anyone because it is not the first time, and neither will it be the last.

Instead of stealing resources that should be used to save the continent from this invisible enemy threatening to annihilate the global population, Senile Museveni and his cronies should behave for once and be seen to care about their people and Africans at large.

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