The fact that Rwandan Head of State is consulted by global leaders on COVID-19 fight, has set tongues wagging

Senile Museveni is bitter that Rwanda is taking the lead on the COVID-19 response and that CHOGM2020 was not cancelled and set for another venue. He instructed his sponsored mouthpiece, David Murunganwa Himbara, a bitter and petty weed smoker who also acts as the Rwandan National Congress terror outfit propagandist, to increase his hostile attacks Rwanda that are devoid of facts rather based on imaginations.

For anyone who has had the displeasure of reading the sponsored propaganda, it is obvious that Museveni is angered by the contrast in the COVID-19 pandemic response.

As soon as the pandemic was announced as a global threat, Senile Museveni and Himbara’s only concern was the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Kigali.

They immediately started to celebrate that the event would be canceled forgetting that it could only be postponed but would still be held in Rwanda after the global pandemic crisis. Senile Museveni is allergic to success stories on Rwanda, the CHOGM obsession was Himbara’s way of comforting his sponsors.

The Commonwealth secretariat was clear, the CHOGM2020 was postponed to a later date in Kigali. The event was not canceled and the venue has not changed as the weed smoker and his frail sponsor so desperately want. The only consolation Himbara will be able to offer is his senseless jubilation that an event was postponed because of COVID-19, he will not manage to secure a cancellation with his sponsored propaganda.

Rwanda set an example of swift action against the pandemic, it introduced tough control measures, a countrywide lockdown, social assistance, wearing of masks and economic measures to mitigate the impact of the global pandemic. The Ugandan regime ruler and his cronies were instead busy looting the little reserves Uganda had, Senile Museveni’s corruption networks are reaping profit from money contributed to the Task Force and the food distribution which is even unfit for human consumption.

The world held its breath as they watched running battles of Ugandans brutalized by Museveni’s security services. The Ugandan regime even became a laughing stock when they published data showing more recoveries than infected patiences.

As Rwanda got applause for its response to COVID-19, Senile Museveni runs series of televised shows preaching how the virus spreads instead of coming up with strategies to save Ugandans from the pandemic and to mitigate its impact on the country’s economy. He also has time to give childish instructions to his mouthpiece Himbara to tarnish Rwanda’s effort. The weed smoking mouthpiece focused on the CHOMG event setting it up as a bizzare measurement of the Rwandan response. The distraction was a mere diversion of the chaotic scenes in Kampala.

All public gatherings have been banned and all events requiring public gatherings postponed. Sports events, religious and political events have all been postponed, CHOGM2020 is not different. The weed smoking mouthpiece was stating the obvious as a feel good factor to his sponsor. But realizing that Rwanda was still consulted as a prominent voice on the continent, Senile Museveni and his weed smoking mouthpiece went into overdrive.

As part of the G20, the Rwandan President voices and advocates for Africa, he called for a global effort to assist Africa in mitigating the economic impact of the pandemic. The Ugandan regime response was a vicious attack through David Murunganwa Himbara. Unable to distinguish when President Kagame is speaking as the Rwandan leader and when he speaks as an African leader, Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece went on a rampage of name calling. For daring to advocate for the continent, the weed smoking propagandist tagged the Rwandan President as a beggar.

Senile Museveni’s response is out of envy as he has lost credibility at home and abroad. His corruption record, the nepotism, the kleptocracy that he presided over for the last 35 years, means that he can’t be consulted during any form of crisis.

As the world seeks financial remedies to overcome the economic impact of the pandemic, Murunganwa’s sponsored insults will not deter continental leaders. Real leaders are not concerned about their egos in crisis, nor do they invest in weed smoking propagandist to write “feel good” fictitious articles.

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