CMI loudmouth Charles Kambanda is a cheap rumour monger peddling discredited theories for a living

Charles Kambanda of the Sex-for-grades infamy, is a cheap rumour monger. While he hoodwinks people that he is a practicing lawyer, he spends most of his time doing the work of his sponsor Senile Museveni and Rwanda National Congress (RNC), digging up and circulating long discredited and ignored conspiracy theories that have failed to pass the slightest scrutiny.

Let him not lie to anyone, Kambanda is a snake oil salesman with no known decent vocation except spending everyday and hour of his time sewing together disjointed anti-Rwanda theories for sale to gullible individuals with an axe to grind.

Kambanda the sex pest’s penchant for rumour mongering makes him hang around lunatic rumour mills and conspiracy theory factories, like a slaughter house kite, he flies away with rejected and discarded theories which he goes and sells to his senile patron, Museveni and crook bankroller Tribert Rujugiro.

While peddling his outlandish theories laced with rumours, the sex pest indulges in matters way above his IQ capacity, which only confirms longstanding doubts concerning his mental stability.

The sex-for-grades wannabe conspiracy theorist is a fanatic of the dark alley of global pessimists that casts doubt on every well intentioned global initiative. The diabolic group is conspicous in seeking to discredit noble people who set out to use their God given capacities to provide solutions to global problems, without offering alternatives.

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