CMI attack dog Obed Katureebe rubbed salt in Museveni’s wounds by reminding him of his UPDF humiliating defeats in Kisangani

Obed Katurebe also known by his pseudonym Robert Patrick Fati (RPF) Gakwerere on Facebook embarrassed himself in yet another fictitious diversion that the war between Rwanda Defence Force and Uganda People’s Defence Force in the Democratic Republic of Congo codenamed Kisanga 1,2&3 was caused by ‘Bar Brawl between Gen James and Col Sula Semakula. This actually turned him and his paymaster into laughing stock to those who know what Senile Museveni’s army went through in the DR Congo jungles.

What Uganda regime’s trolls like Katureebe will not tell is how Uganda undermined Rwanda thought and what turned out to be a ‘David versus Goliath encounter’ would be that of a parent disciplining a child who is not expected to retaliate.

The Kisangani 1&2 was ignited by UPDF’s attempt to chase RDF from it had captured. The history has it all how Uganda wanted to balkanize the liberated region and installs a Congolese rebel leader. In so doing Uganda started misbehaving to an extent of staging an ambush on their own military vehicle near RDF’s deployment. This was the cause of the first battle.

The first fight that was around Bangoka Airport lasted for a day whilst the second one which extended to Soteski (Wamba dia Wamba’s Headquarters) went on for three days; all the fighting were provoked by UPDF as opposed to Katureebe’s ‘Bar Brawl’ joke. He should have asked how Col Sulah Semakula was suspended, placed under house arrest after self-inflicted UPDF’s humiliating losses to RDF.

In all battles, RDF had conquered UPDF, for example; RDF captured UPDF commanding officers and senior officers captured including the Late Col Nobel Mayombo then Deputy CMI, with Brig Gen Kahinda Otafire and Major Lauben Ikondere who were heading the UPDF mission in the DR Congo together with over 346 PoWs and weaponry. Katureebe should ask Kahinda Otafire what happened rather than inventing lies and hurting his paymaster.

The battles made headlines in both local and international media following Rwanda’s decision to pardon senile Museveni’s senior commanders and other captives of the wars; they were fed, treated and repatriated back home peacefully. “Rwandans you are good people. You defeated us, fed us, and took our soldiers to Kigali. If we had defeated you we would have stripped you naked, paraded you in the middle of Kisangani and called CNN” said Gen Kazini on CNN and BBC televisions.

Subsequent to the second battle, Uganda and Rwanda agreed work together but Uganda’s mission to fight RDF was still undone. The UPDF planned to encircle Rwanda’s detaches and deployment by bringing heavy artillery and armor to surround the RDF as they secretly planned for revenge; little did they know that this was going to result into worst humiliating defeat in UPDF history.

The third battle erupted when UPDF continued bickering, troop buildup with intention to revenge for the previous two defeats. Despite their reinforcements to nearly a division size supported by one artillery regiment and a mechanized battalion, the UPDF suffered a crashing defeat where nearly all seven battalions (7xBns) were annihilated and 147 POWs captured by the RDF and repatriated to Uganda through Kigali International airport to Entebbe will only live to recount what happened.

The major reason of why Uganda keeps bringing up this Kisangani wars year in year out is the three times heavy, self-inflicted, both personnel and material losses they suffered during the battles for Kisangani. This haunts and will haunt Museveni till last breath.

If Katureebe continues hurting his boss by writing about these wars, I promise to name seven of the UPDF battalions that were annihilated.

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