Under Weed influence Murunganwa Himbara crosses the line by writing about long presidency, a ‘no go zone’ in Matooke Republic

Hiring drug addict has its risks, senile Museveni is bound to regret ever hiring a unstable weed smoker like David Murunganwa Himbara. Himbara, paid by the Ugandan regime to write anti-Rwanda propaganda, in his demented mind, Himbara can’t realize that his writings hurt more his sponsor than his intended target. Nutty Himbara, in an attempt to amuse senile Museveni, decided to count how many USA Presidents has ruled and retired during President Kagame’s tenure.

Senile Museveni will not be amused by the comparison with USA Presidents. The Ugandan ruler might be senile but it will remind him that he has been in power since Ronald Reagan was the American President. The absurdity of his 35 years long rule is a very sensitive subject for the 75 years old Senile despot who is so embarrassed about his age that he simply changed it.

US Presidents during Museveni’s 35 years rule

Museveni has had to remove term limits and age limits to stay in power. During the age limit removal process, an interesting article was published by Yinka Adegoke, Africa Editor at Quartz Africa. In 2017, Adegoke wrote, “The world’s youngest continent will keep being run by its oldest leaders” and extensively covered Senile Museveni’s abnormal stay in power. Museveni was the third longest ruler in terms of consecutive years in Africa and the second oldest ruler in terms of age gap to the median age of his population. According to the study in 2017, Uganda’s median age is 15.5 making Museveni 57.5 years older than those he ruled.

For more than three decades, the world has constantly been amused at the trickery utilized by Senile Museveni to stay in power. One trick is particularly ridiculous, when he tuned 70, he orchestrated an attempt to reduce his age by three years in order to circumvent the constitutional 75 years age limit. As a gift to himself, he doctored a baptism card and pretended to be surprised by the discovery that he was 3 years younger. The stunt backfired, degenerating 3 years proved too hard as his autobiography contradicted him, his age-mates and a litany of evidence emerged that he was indeed 70. Senile Museveni moved from changing his age to brutally changing the constitution.

When he wakes up, he will discover that Murunganwa Himbara, his sponsored weed smoking mouthpiece, has reignited the term and age limit debate.

The Rwandan National Congress terrorist propagandist, blinded by his hate for Rwanda, will certainly be told by the Ugandan regime that he touched a sensitive issue that hurts Senile Museveni. Hiring a drug means that he will write anything to finance his drug addiction. The down side is that a drug addict like Himbara, in writing anything that passes through his minds, eventually writes harmful stories against the hand that feeds him.

Progressively, Senile Museveni will regret even more ever hiring an unstable drug addict like Himbara to do his dirty anti-Rwanda propaganda work.

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