Feuds within Uganda’s intelligence agencies vindicate Rwanda on claims of mistreatment of her nationals

Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) boss Brig Kandiho’s lapdog, Titus Seruga, alias Serubwa has continued his attempt to drag Rwanda in the feud between his boss Kandiho, and the boss who rejected his advances, ISO’s Rtd COl Kaka Bagyenda.

In his persistent Facebook rants that symptomise the bad blood between Museveni’s erratic intelligence organs, Seruga the midget makes it a point to drag Rwanda in the mix, never mind that the context always rejects awkward adhession.

What the CMI midget has succeeded in is to throw the ISO and CMI dirty linen out on Luwum street. In any case, Rwanda is vindicated in its claims of torture of its nationals by Uganda’s intelligence organs, and therefore in an absurd way, this squabling could be a blessing in disguise.

CMI and ISO have thrived for long by duping their senile master Museveni that Uganda was under threat by Rwanda in order to access huge sums of tax payers’ money, ostensibly to neutralise the non existent threat.

The fighting over the carcas as evidenced through Serubwa’s sustained attacks against ISO boss Kaka who is the top CMI’s rival would have served to alert their master, but this is unlikely because he is barely living.

While CMI use Rwanda as a weapon to validate their supremacy wars against rivals, the assumption inadvertently exposes their flanks, and confirms suspicion of scapegoating to defraud Ugandan tax payers.

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