COVID-19: As situation gets out of hand in Kampala; Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece Himbara projects Rwanda’s failure to the pandemic fight

David Murunganwa aka Himbara, the Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece, repeats his historical mistake of underestimating Rwanda.

During the liberation struggle, the weed-smoking fraud brushed away the liberation effort in the 1990s preferring to smoke his weed while others were fighting for his country. After the liberation, he unsuccessfully barged in trying to usurp other people’s work as he had done when he adopted the Himbara name to smuggle himself into University. Almost 30 years later, as Rwanda fights the coronavirus pandemic, David Murunganwa, who is paid by Senile Museveni to taint Kigali leadership image, once again places his bet against Rwanda blinded by his Senile Museveni support.

The mouthpiece, oblivious of his past mistakes, claims loudly that Rwanda cannot survive a prolonged lockdown in combatting the coronavirus pandemic. His claim that Rwanda will not make it is a classic smear promoted by Senile Museveni in his propaganda war against Rwanda. It has been senile Museveni’s secret wish as he powerlessly watched Rwanda take off while his kleptocracy gangrened Uganda for 35 years. Museveni sponsors trolls like Himbara to paint a false picture of Rwanda failing; it would offer him a line to feed those he failed saying, “Uganda is not the only state failing”. Rwanda’s success becomes senile Museveni’s nightmare as the temptation will be to ask him, “If Rwanda managed to prosper after the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, why can’t you?”

In terms of recovery, Rwanda is a global model. It is one of the few countries considered a post-conflict success studied by scholars and others on how quick recovery can be achieved with determination.

The lead secret of Rwanda’s secret is accountability, transparency and its fight against corruption as well as nepotism, these things will forever elude Senile Museveni’s regime. Weed-smoking Himbara and senile Museveni should be reminded that just like in the 1990s when they hoped to exploit Rwanda, they are wrong on COVID-19; Rwanda will overcome it and come out stronger.

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