Senile Museveni and anti-Rwanda trolls surrounding him are like carrion that attracts flies

There is a saying that when something rots and smells, it attracts flies. This analogy rings true of senile Museveni’s situation, whose rotten system has a high affinity for attracting undesirable elements and society rejects.

You only need to look at the crowd he surrounds himself with and you will agree that the senile old man is smelly, which is the reason why he is surrounded by parasites with an insatiable appetite for decayed stuff.

If you are still in doubt, I will draw a short list for you, and I will start with Brig Abel Kandiho, the head of CMI, a parasitic intelligence chief who has collected a horde of other like-minded bootlickers and placed them at the service of his frail boss Museveni.

Kandiho and his side-kick… are responsible for recruiting undesirable freeloaders like Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati (RPF) Gakwerere who is wasting space at the UCC, denying an employment opportunity for deserving young Ugandans.

There is Titus the Midget Seruga, the male harlot who went to Belgium in pursuit of a Belgian boyfriend, falsely claiming persecution in order to be accorded asylum so that he can be with his boyfriend. Being a dwarf both in physique and mentally, the Ugandan midget failed to convince the asylum officer and his application was cancelled. Since his boyfriend realised the midget was a liar, he dumped and abandoned him in the cold, literally.

Lucky enough, CMI thought the midget fitted their recruitment portfolio and that is how the wannabe midget blogger was hired as an anti-Rwanda troll, joining a swarm of other incompetent and mentally deranged Museveni parasites.

Armed with bitterness caused by a failed relationship with his Belgian boyfriend, Titus the midget was deemed the right CMI arsenal against the Rwandan leadership.

Well, like his RNC comrade-in-arms Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi, the midget always skived off English Grammar lessons and struggles to express himself, but Museveni and CMI are none the wiser.

The CMI swarms of flies are now buzzing around the dismissal of the Rwandan Minister of state for EAC affairs, and are labouring to make this about Uganda.

Acting on the briefing passed down from their senile master, the CMI flies are claiming that the state minister was dismissed ‘as a sacrifice by Rwanda so that Museveni can send in food’ ignoring the fact that Ugandans themselves have been starving.

This should be understood in the context of senile Museveni’s sourgrapping after his alliance with anti-Rwanda terror outfits led to numerous political, social, military and economic misfortunes, where the Ugandan economy has effectively collapsed.

With the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic, senile Museveni is desperate for a distraction, hence the instructions to his CMI attack dogs to spin the dismissal and turn relate it to Uganda’s problems. Hearing the CMI midget talk about Rwanda sacrificing her official for Ugandan food, you are reminded of Museveni’s delusional reasoning that God endowed Uganda with arable soil and gave tarmac to the countries neighbouring it, which is the reason he thinks he should hold neighbours at ransom.

Senile Museveni fails to understand that it would serve him to concentrate his little remaining time and energy on saving Ugandans from abject poverty and humiliation that he has caused them for the last 34 years.

But what does he do instead? He is using the meager resources available to service the egos of his cronies and paying anti-Rwanda terrorists and trolls to attack and mudsling Rwandan leaders.
At the end of it all, it is ordinary Ugandans who continue to sink into the abyss of poverty.

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