It’s all systems go for Senile Museveni’s anti-Rwanda trolls as Rwanda drops its state minister for EAC affairs

Ugandan despot Yoweri Museveni closely follows everything that happens in Rwanda. The 75 years old senile whose 35 years long rule of Uganda is characterized by nepotism and kleptocracy, has an obsession with Rwanda. Upon news that a Rwandan Minister of State was removed from office, Museveni instructed Obed Katureebe, the proprietor of the Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere Facebook page, to initiate an online celebration which was picked by all anti-Rwanda trolls.

Olivier Nduhungirehe, the Minister of State removed from office, was in charge of EAC affaires and constantly gave the Ugandan regime nightmares in the Quadripartite “Luanda MoU” meetings. Rwandan diplomats straight talk was too much for Museveni’s decaying diplomats. In their oligarch mindset, they blamed Nduhungirehe for the straight talk and assumed that Rwanda functions like Uganda where individuals supersede institutions.

Senile Museveni’s online celebration orders to Katureebe and other online trolls on his payroll is fundamentally due to his lack of knowledge and understanding of how Rwanda (and other normal states) operate. Unlike Uganda, there are no eternal ministerial appointments; policies are not based on individual moods. The reason why the Rwandan delegation to Luanda MoU meetings gave nightmares to the Ugandan regime is simple, the Rwandan delegation has truth on their side.

The premature celebration will end when they realize that what gives them nightmares is accountability for their blatant persecution of Rwandans living in Uganda. The Rwandan delegation will not stop pushing for the release of innocents Rwandans illegally detained in Uganda nor will they stop asking for justice for crimes committed against Rwandan nationals. Only a senile nepotistic ruler would think that such demands emanate from an individual.

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