A result-oriented government will remain foreign to Uganda regime and its sponsored gullible mouthpieces

The anti-Rwanda misinformation campaign is in full swing following the removal of the Rwandan Minister of State for EAC affaires. Olivier Nduhungirehe was removed for consistently acting based on his personal opinion over government policies but troll will have you believe otherwise. Acting on one’s personal opinion is different from having a different opinion. For holders of public office, acting on personal opinion is a serious breach, a mistake that leads to insubordination hence resignation.

Hostile trolls grouped in orgies of Genocidaires and terrorists militias sponsored by senile Museveni are up in arms fermenting a parallel universe. Led by senile Museveni’s paid mouthpiece, David Murunganwa aka Himbara, the sex-for-grade Professor Charles Kambanda and the octogenarian PARMEHUTU ideologue Ugandan State Minister Philemon Mateke, the dull-witted Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi among otehrs; they claim that Nduhungirehe was fired for having a different opinion.

They deliberately omit the keywords “consistently” and “acting” in the statement that announced Nduhungirehe’s removal from office. They also overlook the former minister’s reaction to his removal from office. He tweeted:

  • “I am grateful to H.E @PaulKagame for the trust bestowed in me for the past two years an half, when I was privileged to serve as Minister of State in @RwandaMFA in charge of the East African Community. I am committed to continue serving my country & @RwandaGov in another capacity.”

For the rest of the world, shielded from senile Museveni’s oligarchy mindset, Ministers and public officials come and go. One cannot expect those who find it normal that a First Lady acts as a Minister while the President’s son is a General and Senior Advisor to understand the distinction between personal and public office. The Ugandan regime sponsored online anti-Rwanda campaigners cannot see how ridiculous their jubilations are as they find it normal for individuals to supersede institutions.

They have been indoctrinated by a 35 years long regime of nepotism governed by “historicals” —a term that defines who is who in Uganda— that rule the country like a personal property. While personal opinion is protected in Rwanda, personal opinion does not determine public policy. In Rwanda, and in normal functioning states, public officials cannot get away with “consistently acting” based on their personal opinion to the detriment of public policy.

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