Used and dumped by Belgian boyfriend, Titus Seruga the CMI midget now fancies his boss

Since his unceremonial dumping by the Belgian boyfriend and subsequent cancellation of his asylum application in Belgium, the CMI wannabe midget blogger Titus Seruga aka Serubwa has been showing interest in other men, particularly the elderly Museveni and his intelligence chief, Brig Abel Kandiho.

Seruga the midget has been flirting endlessly with the two men like a teenage girl seeking the attention of a popular schoolboy. Problem is, he is miserably let down by his written English grammar and his flirtatious posts may go unnoticed or not understood by his target crushes.

The midget seems to have been romantically aroused to see his old crash in sports gear struggling to do push-ups, ostensibly to demonstrate to Ugandans ‘how to exercise indoors.’

While Titus the midget is aroused by this, Ugandans questioned how the hell Museveni expected Ugandans, majority of whom live in tiny slum shacks, to excise when they barely have space to sit in their houses. It is like the poor man who told a rich man that he did not have food to eat, and the rich man advised him to eat cake.

While Ugandans wondered why Museveni was mocking their squalid living conditions by expecting them to exercise in their shacks like him, whose office is the size of an entire slum area, all the CMI midget Seruga could see was a ‘sexy’, ‘muscular’ Schwarzenegger-Museveni, even when Ugandans thought it was gross for someone’s grandfather to be showing his fluffy body and pot-belly tummy in public, and to add salt to injury, offering the gross images for Ugandans to view.

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