CMI funded troll Obed Katureebe embarrasses himself with Illogical analysis on Rwanda’s Satellite, something that Uganda is yet to dream about

The anti Rwanda Facebook troll, Obed Katureebe who calls himself Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on social media, continues to obsess about Rwanda. Sponsored to smear Rwanda by the Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Katureebe is rejoicing that Oneweb, an America company that partnered with Rwanda to launch a satellite, has declared bankruptcy.

Working for the archaic Uganda Communication Commission (UCC), Katureebe is backward to understand the spacial communication industry. Katureebe does not even understand bankruptcy law, how the very essence of the law is to protect a company against a “run on the bank”. He ridiculously posts a delusional analysis thinking that Rwanda’s space program will be affected.

Rwanda’s internet providing satellite —Icyerekezo— is already in orbit, whoever bails out OneWeb will have to either buy it back from Rwanda or honor OneWeb’s agreement with Rwanda. The Ugandan regime narrative, especially coming from Museveni’s state house and his CMI, shows how prehistoric their analysis is purely motivated by envy. They don’t have a space program, they are left behind commenting about other people’s advanced technology initiatives.

Uganda, for the past 35 years, has fallen behind the curve under Museveni’s nepotistic kleptocracy. He appoints family members and friends like Katureebe’s UCC appointment. Obed Katureebe is the nephew of Patrick Karegeya, the Co-founder of Museveni’s sponsored Rwandan National Congress terrorist militia, who gets even more money via CMI to post nonsense on Facebook. With such upside down priorities, don’t expect progress. The Ugandan regime falls behind as a mere commentator.

Their focus on jealousy and envy at other countries progress will only lead them further down the curve. For example, instead of commenting about space program they know nothing about, why don’t they try creating a Ugandan one? The French proverb, “Les chiens aboient, la caravane passe” meaning dogs bark while others move on, come to mind.

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