Museveni’s CMI propagandists seek to remove a speck in Rwanda’s eye, leaving a huge log stuck in their own

Museveni is notorious as a man who practices double standards, treachery and dishonesty in his dealings. While he asks his CMI hired propaganda attack dogs to mudsling Rwanda’s leadership, the centre has literally failed to hold in his own backyard.

Museveni accords CMI troll Obed Katureebe the audacity to accuse the Rwanda leadership of ‘releasing wrong data’ on COVID-19, as a clear diversion from the fact that due to systemic negligence, incompetence the population of Uganda is at risk of being wiped out by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Until today, the only indication that the government of Uganda was responding, or even slightly aware of the spread of Coronavirus, was Museveni’s TV shows that have been received with resentment, forcing him to cancel his last show that was to take place today.

Anti-government sentiment is at its highest and widespread at the moment owing to the defficiency of leadership in Museveni’s government at a time the population needed it most.

Instead of receiving a message of comfort and assurance, Ugandans were instead served with the brutal force of the UPDF, Police and their LDU side-kicks, leaving hundreds heavily injured, disabled and some even died, in the name of ‘enforcing Museveni’s Coronavirus control directives.’

Talking about releasing the wrong Coronavirus data, Ugandan authorities dont even know the real number of Coronavirus cases. This is because when It all started, Ugandan leaders were caught napping, and so many returnees from high risk countries managed to sneak into the country and mix with the rest of the population.

The mentally incompetent Katureebe will never talk about 6,000 Ugandans who disappeared in the general public after having contacted COVID-19 positive people.

During Museveni’s last TV show, the Minister of health stated that they were still looking for those who got into contact with the cases that have been discovered. Its all guesswork, and the taskforce is lying to their senile President.

Ugandans are dropping with the virus like dry leaves, but Museveni must save face, to safeguard his overated reputation as an effective fighter of epidemics.

All indications are that Museveni is not surviving this one, as he is bound to be exposed for the phony warrior that he is.

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