CMI sponsored tabloid denies Genocide after allying with Genocidal forces that killed over a million Tutsi in Rwanda

Bob Atwine, paid by the Uganda’s Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence (CMI), continues his anti-Rwanda propaganda. Operating under CommandPost, a pseudonym he uses to try and mask his evil work, he accuses the Rwandan President of killing a Burundian President who was in Habyarimana’s plane.

Desperation is written all over the cheap propaganda stunt; a sponsored Ugandan troll bizarrely crying about a Burundian President louder than Burundians. Habyarimana’s plane was shot by his entourage in order to execute their longtime plan to extermninate Tutsis. Habyarimana knew this; he hoped his Burundian counterpart would be a human shield. Where else would two head of states, both with their own jets, travel in one?

It turns out he underestimated his entourage’s resolve in executing Genocide against Tutsis. Bob Atwine’s attack tries to deliberately mislead by advancing a known genocide denialist narrative simplifying the Tutsis Genocide as revenge. Genocide is a carefully planned and executed crime, those who distributed machetes and mounted road blocks also planned for a trigger.

As a crime, the last stage of Genocide is denial. The Museveni’s regime, after issuing passport to Genocidaires, now sponsors Atwine’s CommandPost to assist publications of genocide denialism ideology. Atwine neither cares about the Burundian President or Habyarimana, his mission is to attempt anything that might destabilize Rwanda.

If he cared about the deceased Burundian head of state, perhaps he would care to investigate how his sponsors, Yoweri Museveni, drove one to madness by stealing his wife while in exile. He should also write about why his paymaster Museveni continues to arm a regime in Burundi accused of perpetrating crimes against humanity.

One certainty is that Museveni would not think twice about shooting down a plane if it served his interest; the late John Garang found out the hard way.

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