Weed addict Murunganwa Himbara, Museveni’s online attack dog, disturbed by competence based appointments in Rwanda

Crystal ventures, Agaciro Development Fund, RwandAir and even the Kigali Convention Centre arouse extreme jealousy in David Himbara. In fact, any success story from Rwanda causes an extreme reaction from the weed addict Museveni sponsored propagandist. Envy and jealousy blur Museveni and Himbara leading to their production of useless fictional articles.

Reading Himbara’s reaction to a nomination to Crystal Ventures is a good example of how envy and jealousy is tearing him and Museveni up. Under instructions from his sponsor, Murunganwa aka Himbara attacks the appointment of one Jack Kayonga to Crystal Ventures from Agaciro Development Fund. If they were sober and not blinded by fury, they would realize that with their track records, Museveni and his Rwanda National Congress should stay away from appointments anywhere.

Museveni who decrees his wife a minister, his son a general, his brother as a General and chief of sovereign funds, and his cows national treasures should not be the one sponsoring comments on nominations. Murunganwa, the Rwandan National Congress propagandist, whose terrorist movement consists of a web of cousins and in-laws, should also not be the one to criticize of comment.

Ridiculously, the anti-Rwanda propaganda peddlers could not even find what to say about the nomination other than “Kayonga is some kind of magician”. The real magic is how his sponsor gets away with running Uganda with open nepotism and yet dares to criticize competence based systems like Rwanda.

Museveni failed to install a kleptocracy in Rwanda with the help of his RNC tools. Rwanda now enjoys progress and prosperity as his group of bitter thieves cry with social media noise. Museveni and his online attack mouthpiece Murunganwa should focus on justifying their nepotistic kleptocracy. There is no magic in Rwanda, just hard work.

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