COVID-19: Rwandan government’s sacrifices to help her people is misinterpreted by a Kampala misinformation tool Nilepost News

35 years of Museveni’s corrupt rule has corrupted basic human values of those close to him. Nilepost News Uganda, owned by Kin Kariisa’s NBS group and managed by Kigundu Idris, cannot understand a simple act of charity and solidarity in Rwanda. Faced with the COVID19 pandemic, their writer, a clown called Crispus Mugisha, is shocked that senior Rwandan government officials have decided to forfeit one month salary in solidarity with their fellow citizens so as to reach out to the needy.

The act of solidarity leads the writer to write all sorts of distortion and smear, he claims that IMF says Rwanda’s economy has been grounded to a halt. Deliberately, Nilepost presents the act of solidarity as a top down decision when in fact pulling together is what Rwandans do to overcome challenges and prosper.

The contrast in mentality can be found in Museveni’s answer when he was asked if Uganda’s tourism industry should be bailed out. “When foot and mouth disease hit my cows no one bailed me out!”, Museveni responded coldly. Well, if that was Rwanda, the answer would have been solidarity. 35 years of kleptocracy has killed any comprehension of basic values such as solidarity in Uganda.

Prof. Byabamureeba innocently tweeted, “I am looking forward to Ugandan Ministers, Members of Parlikanent and CEOs of Government Agencies ( high salary earners) surrendering one month salary to #COVID19UG fund.” He had obviously not seen the Nilepost reaction. He might have to wait for a very long time, Museveni preaches self-service and greed, solidarity is a foreign concept!

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