CMI trolls Seruga, Kambanda spinning Rwanda’s unprecedented step to mitigate COVID-19 challenges as their paymaster lags behind

The Belgium based CMI midget attention seeeker is among the daftest in Abel Kandiho’s employ. But then, when you come to think about it, the way CMI itself is constituted, it can only attract Serubwa’s quality kind of brains.

There is a Kinyarwanda saying that those with a defficiency in brain substance will always believe they have the monopoly to smartness.

CMI trolls and their RNC henchmen have unecessarily shot up their blood pressure upon reading the release concerning the decision by Rwanda’s leadership to forfeit their April monthly salary for high ranking officials, so that the money can be chanelled towards helping those affected by the Coronavirus lockdown.

As expected, Charles Kambanda of the sex-for-grades infamy and other RNC terror outfit propagandists have jumped to the bandwagon, attempting to portray the initiative in bad light.

Serubwa the midget thinks he has enough brains to understand the way Rwanda conducts her Government business. So as to be seen as ‘knowledgeable’, Serubwa and the RNC propagandists look at Rwanda through the prism of Museveni’s administration, as they carry out their state house, CMI and Rujugiro sponsored trolling.

The CMI and RNC terrorist trolls are attempting to poke holes in an initiative by Rwanda’s senior leadership to forfeit their April salary in order to assist the vulnerable during this difficult period; forgetting that their sponsor is yet to come up something tangible to save his already suffering citizens apart from running televised shows teaching history.

Underatandably, the empathy defficient trolls reacted with skepticism because they would never understand how that could ever possibly happen anywhere. An initiative like this would never see the light of day in Uganda, where Museveni’s cronies are even squabling over the distribution of food and other goodies donated by well-wishers targeting the miserably poor Ugandans.

In Museveni’s uganda, the scenario is the other way round. Instead of the affluent members members of society, (majority of whom are Museveni’s cronies in the army and senior public service positions) helping needy Ugandans, it is the needy Ugandans who must toil to sustain the obscenely affluent lifestyles of the ruling class.

It would not be the first time that Rwandans in general sacrifice for the greater good of Rwandans and Africans. If Museveni were a honest man, he would acknowledge the fact that had it not been for Rwandan refugees to join his NRA in the 80s, his lust for power would have stayed a pipe dream. Museveni and his cronies should therefore not be surprised that Rwandan leaders have made a unanimous decision to make a small sacrifice to ensure that the less fortunate in society can be cushioned from the tribulations that come with the prevailing lockdown occassioned by the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Obviously, the Ugandan ruler is not happy about the humanitarian initiative by the Rwandan leadership because he construes this as ‘setting a bad precedent’ because Ugandans will definitely be wondering why their leaders have abandoned them at a time of misery and uncertainty.

Titus Serubwa is a psychologically unstable CMI troll. Since there is none-the-wiser between Kandiho and his trolling midget, they both assume what they are saying about Rwanda is accurate.

The CMI troll is a jumpy nervous wreck, whose mood of the day depends on the kind of text he receives from his Belgian boyfriend. Ever since the Belgian boyfriend dumped him and his assylum application cancelled, the CMI midget has been sucking up to his CMI boss by insulting his ISO rival for him, so that Kandiho could ignore that he had fled Ugandan in the first place and let him return to Uganda.

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