Dull-witted David Himbara yawns for more Museveni shillings on Kizito’s suicide death

David Murunganwa Himbara, the chief Rwandan National Congress (RNC) terrorist propagandist, is finding it hard to push his lies on Rwanda in the middle of a global pandemic. But to secure his Museveni sponsorship he writes, “Not Even COVID-19 Diverts Attention” he laments as he inserts his lies about the Kizito Mihigo suicide. Prior to Mihigo’s demise, Himbara had not posted anything about him, he had focused on Victoire Ingabire who was pardoned for Genocide denial.

Murunganwa did not care about Kizito Mihigo up to the day of his suicide as he represented the misery his RNC terrorist group causes those unfortunate to fall for their propaganda. Prior to their indoctrination, Mihigo had a successful career but they tapped on his need for fame and glory to use him. They dragged him in subversive activities while they chilled safely tucked away. When he was arrested, they exploited his arrest and when he was pardoned; they grieved.

Mihigo’s release was a big blow to their campaign so much so that they even accused him of betrayals. Himbara and his terrorist allies wanted to see him suffer to have something to write about. Depressed, Mihigo could not handle his failed escape attempt, a violation of his parole, he committed suicide. The Ugandan regime sponsored terrorists suddenly remembered him, Himbara wrote poetry and composed noise (which he calls music).

With Museveni’s sponsorship to their anti-Rwanda agenda, they exploited his death fully and continued to do so against Mihigo’s family wishes. Murunganwa milked Mihigo’s suicide so much that if the troubled soul had not killed himself then the terrorist propagandist would have tried to kill him.

Shamelessly, Murunganwa aka Himbara announces that even the global pandemic COVID-19 will not stop him from continuing his exploitation of Mihigo’s tragic end. RNC lures young unsuspecting recruits and exploits them in life and in death for their hostile propaganda. All they care about is that Museveni continues to fund their propaganda, Himbara wants to make it clear that their dirty work will not be stopped by the global pandemic.

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