As global leaders meet virtually to devise anti Coronavirus strategies, Museveni carries on his funny TV shows

Obed Katureebe, alias Robert Patrick Fati (RPF) Gakwerere who was deployed by Museveni to the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) with strict instructions to manufacture disparaging and hostile content against Rwandan leaders, is in dissaray, just like everything else in his boss’ backyard.

The CMI troll has added to the many symptoms of a collapsing NRM regime, led by a senile egoistic military tyrant.

The CMI troll, occupying a senior public service office and position, magnifies his boss’ envy of Rwanda, where citizens use public resources to freely to interact on social media platforms of their choice.

In comparison, Ugandans can only dream of such a ‘luxury’ because Museveni, who recently showed off his ‘kabiriti’ phone during one of his unpopular live TV Coronavirus updates, has imposed heavy taxes on social media, for fear of an uprising by the youth who are tired of marginalisation and backward policies that have effectively kept Uganda’s timeline stuck in the 80s.

Museveni sensed a Tahrir square Arab spring calibre of revolution in Uganda, after his ill-trained army men brutalised the already disgusted and scared Ugandans after he issued mixed signals on the implementation of Coronavirus control.

Museveni is envious that while Rwanda always gets it, by formulating coherent policies that are designed to evolve with the fast changing world, his leadership, largely constituted by old school octagenarian cronies in the army and civil service has continued to sleep on the job, literally, only relying on a compromised electoral commission to ensure their continued stay in power through rigging of the ballot.

As regional and global leaders have continued to meet virtually and devise strategies and policies aimed at steering their nations to a triumphant exit from the Coronavirus pandemic; Museveni who, for obvious reason has not been part of any such global or regional virtual gatherings, has instead been addressing Ugandans on TV from a state house room crowded by his cronies, which in itself grossly violates the WHO Coronavirus control guidelines.

That is when he decided to borrow some of Rwanda’s policies, especially that of distributing food to vulnerable citizens affected by the requirement of having to stay home to avert a threat to his leadership.

But as usual, even a simple copy paste is untenable to Museveni’s octagenarian greedy cronies. Barely a day into the shambolic food distribution, reports of gross mismanagement of the process have started to emerge. There is a saying in Kinyarwanda that warns against copying other people’s walking style, because this could result in broken bones. This relates well with Museveni’s copied food distribution policy.

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