CMI sponsored trolls in overdrive to hide Uganda’s shame for failure to contain COVID-19

Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) troll, Obed Karureebe’s main assignment, as per Uganda state house briefing, is to propagate hatred against Rwandans, by generating and spreading toxic ant-Rwanda propaganda.

Rwanda issued a travel advisory, warning Rwandans against travelling to Uganda more than a year a go, and Rwandans have heeded the advisory, after disturbing reports emerged of innocent Rwandans being abducted, detained and tortured, others killed by Uganda intelligence operatives.

It is therefore inconceivale to claim that the same Rwandans who stopped travelling to Uganda for fear of being arrested and tortured by Ugandan security forces, would turn around and want to go to go there at a time when not only are there restrictions on movement of people because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but when Ugandan securiry forces have run completely berserk and turned on its own citizens, indiscriminately beating them to comma and looting their properties.

On the contrary, it is Ugandans who have been forcing their way into Rwanda, using illegal border entries, prompting Rwandan border patrol and law enforcers to apprehend them, and being forced to shoot those who resorted to violence instead of heeding security advice to surrender peacefully.

Riding on the back of the Coronavirus Pandemic, which has unequivocally exposed Museveni’s clueless military dictatorship, RNC cofounder Patrick Karegeya’s cousin Katureebe, the CMI loudmouth has continued to advance the narrative that Uganda would have remained Coronavirus free, if it were not for Rwandans to take it there.

The propagandist however, makes these outlandish claims at a time when there are reports of suspected patients arriving from Dubai and other high risk Coronavirus countries who are bribing their way out of quarantine centres to go and mix with uninfected Ugandans.

To date, Ugandan authorities are only making up numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases in bid to cover up their systemic failures.

Museveni and his croonies have found in Rwanda an easy fall guy, unleashing their battalions of cynical propagandists to generate messages that attributes their tribulations to Rwanda as a convenient diversion.

Obed Katureebe and fellow propagandists have been claiming that Rwanda has been sending her nationals through ungazetted border entries, but ever since they sang that song, no one has heard them anounce that the numbers of confirmed cases have increased because of infections from Rwanda. Their official tallies have always mentioned primary infections coming in from Dubai and countries in the west, and secondary infections which include people who interacted with them.

A while back, the propagandists shouted themselves hoarse, raising an alarm concerning a fictitious ‘Rwandan woman’ who, ostensibly had been ‘sent by Rwanda to infect Ugandans with Coronavirus.’

However, weeks later, the said woman has never been arrested, neither has anyone mentioned, officially or otherwise, anyone who was infected by that fictitious woman.

Diversion is the main intention and the strategy is to incite Ugandans against Rwandans going about their business in Uganda, just like Many Ugandans live and work in Rwanda.They use the same excuse to set security forces and thugs on Rwandans living in Uganda to attack Rwandans and loot their money and properties.

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