IMF’s $109m emergency funding to Rwanda sets tongues wagging in Uganda

Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) propaganda tabloid, fresh from securing a new anti-Rwanda propaganda dissemination contract with CMI, has been working overtime to undermine Rwanda’s impeccable global standing, with intention to tarnish the country’s image.

The CMI sponsored tabloid’s chosen modus operandi is to pretend they are conducting normal reporting on events and issues, but their real intention is to do the bidding of their state house and CMI bankrollers, which is to mudsling Rwandan leadership, using news reporting as camouflage.

The choice of their title for their propaganda article on IMF’s approval of a credit facility to cushion Rwanda’s economy in the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic that is wreaking havoc globally, betrays their malevolent intentions.

What the clown Gilles Muhame’s Chimpanzee reporting (Chimpreports) won’t tell its readers is that IMF is like any financial checks records of those who apply for the emergency funding or any of their packages; if you happen to have a good record you get quick clearance like Rwanda did but when you have a dubious past you get delays and rejection, which is the case for Uganda

Ignoring the fact that Uganda is far more fragile economically, as a result of 34 years of misrule and economic decay, the CMI propaganda tabloid spins the IMF disbursement as an emergency intervention, ostensibly because ‘Rwanda’s economy has ground to a halt.’

Everyone can see envy and jealousy smeared all over the title, owing to the fact that Uganda would never access such a facility easily from any reputable monetary organization. Even if they did, it would be out of humanitarian considerations, and certainly, this would be tied to stringent conditions to enforce compliance. See, Museveni’s rule has been characterised by gross mismanagement of public funds, corruption and other ills of governance.

It therefore does not settle well with Museveni and his cronies when they see Rwanda extolled by every global organization for being a model African country in public service management and governance.

After Coronavirus was declared a pandemic by WHOM, the Rwanda Government immediately jumped into action and put in place well formulated control measures to safeguard its people. In the meantime, Museveni and his cronies were busy dilly-dallying, playing politics and spreading anti-Rwanda propaganda, sadly, even ridiculing Rwanda when the country announced they had found the first case of Coronavirus from people coming from foreign a land.

For some strange reason, Museveni’s propaganda messaging made it look like Coronavirus was meant for the ‘wicked’, and he was ‘righteous.’

And definitely, the issue of the border has always to come up, even if it may be out of context. Most of the propaganda is a result of Uganda’s endless complaints over the border issue, which resulted in the country losing more that 400 million USD a month. Add that to the multiplier effect of the Coronavirus pandemic and you will get a very bitter and vindictive Ugandan establishment, raving mad and willing to throw anything at Rwanda for problems of their own creation.

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