International Diplomacy remains alien to Museveni sponsored bunch of loonies like Gideon Rugali and Sulah Nuwamanya

Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi and Gideon Rukundo Rugali, two known Ugandan sponsored anti Rwanda trolls, simultaneously exhibit their ignorance of international relations. The comprehension capacity of Ugandan regime sponsored trolls and propagandists is so limited that they confuse bad news for Uganda to bad news for Rwanda.

For some strange reasons, they seem to have a communicable idiocy that misleads them. This is definitely the effect of their tightly controlled Ugandan regime narrative meticulously dictated. When Museveni’s spin doctors come up with a ridiculous lie, his trolls blindly repeat the idiotic narrative.

When Rwanda wrote a note verbal to EAC informing that Burundi was refusing its own cargo to enter via Rwanda, they interpreted it as a blockade against Rwanda. Nuwamanya and his counterpart Rugali ( of RNC Uganda Province), are desperate to show that Rwanda has a problem deliberately miss the point of the Rwandan note verbal. Transit goods are not levied goods, those who loose with the Burundian decision are exporters i.e. especially Ugandan exporters, who will need to find a longer route but Rwanda looses nothing.

It is the most ridiculous interpretation, but as it’s a sponsored one, it’s a deliberate attempt to distort facts. With a heartless propagandists like Nuwamanya, who abandoned in Rwanda his wife and four children penniless in his search for fame and fortune with a get-rich-quick terrorist enterprise, it would be wrong to expect anything sensible from his mentally unfit mind.

Nuwamanya’s family now receives social assistance from the state of Rwanda as he receives money from anti-Rwanda terrorist organizations and supporters. Gideon Rukundo Rugali is no better, having failed his medical carrier and political ambitions, the polygamous PARMEHUTU diehard now lives on CMI (Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence) income to smear and slander Rwanda in Ugandan media outlets and social media.

Nuwamanya and Rugali also happen to be founding members of the fake Self Worth Initiative (SWI) NGO, a cover for RNC recruitment and fundraising efforts created by CMI. Both trolls are entrenched in the Ugandan sponsored anti-Rwanda campaign. Their views and opinions always reflect their sponsors point of view. In this case, instead of wondering how Ugandan producers will get their goods to Burundi at an additional cost, they decide to divert attention.

After their exporters lost so much money as a result of the Ugandan regime’s hostile anti-Rwanda policy, they don’t want to announce more bad news. They opted for a cheap spin, using cheap propagandists.

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