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Rwanda loses nothing in Burundi’s border closure, it only executed her duty as an EAC member state to inform concerned parties

Clearly, Uganda’s obsession with Rwandan borders will never have a cure or a vaccine. This fact is manifested in the way the Uganda government and Rwanda National Congress (RNC) fake news merchants are hit with anxiety every time the word ‘border’ and ‘Rwanda’ are mentioned.

David Murunganwa, alias Himbara and CMI sponsored propaganda outlet Command Post that is owned by Bob Atwine, haven’t slept a wink after Nkurunziza decided to block cargo trucks from entering his territory. The two, and certainly all the other Ugandan regime propagandists in their league, facts and context dont matter, as long as they produce trash and get paid.

For reasons only known to Nkurunziza and his cronies, Burundi suddenly and without warning, decided to block entry for all cargo trucks destined to its territory, transiting through Rwanda.

As expected of an East African community memeber, Rwanda wrote a note verbale to notify Kenya and Uganda, from where the blocked trucks had originated, so that they could know and stop allowing in more trucks because they would only be turned away.

But trust the Uganda state house and CMI sponsored media mercenaries to jump to a propaganda opportunity when they see one.

Since their reasoning is no different from that of the Burundian government, they claim that Burundi closed its border with Rwanda, and this, in their logic, is Burundi avenging on behalf of Uganda in what relates to border closure. To put it in their own words, its karma.

But in their stupidity, Uganda and Burundi forget that the trucks are carrying merchandise meant for the Burundian population, not Rwandans. For all Rwanda cares, Burundi can close all its borders for as long as it deems fit. Rwanda would never cry about Burundi closing its borders, and of all arbitrators, certainly not Uganda.

The weed smoking delinquent, David Murunganwa aka Himbara, typically ignoring all facts, decided to suggest that Rwanda is complaining about Burindi closing its border, and yet Rwanda did the same with Uganda.

While Burundi is blocking food and other essential goods destined to its markets and shops, Rwanda only advised Rwandans to not go to Uganda because their security was no longer guaranteed. In any case, if Rwanda had closed her borders, we would not be talking about Burundi blocking trucks that transited through Rwanda. Simple reasoning.

Uganda and Burundi share one thing in common, and that is bafoonery. Both countries claim to have the lowest Coronavirus cases (some claimed they actually had none untill recently), but the truth is that they lack testing capacities, the discipline and organisation that goes with it.

While hundreds are known to be infected with Coronavirus, the governments of Uganda and Burundi only declare one or two cases at a time, to make the world think that they are more astitute in the fight against the world pandemic. What they dont know is the fact that you can hide a cough, let a lone a virus on rampage like COVID-19.

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