Dimwitted David Murunganwa alias Himbara, a fake PhD holder that creates own facts to woo Rwandans towards terrorism

David Murunganwa, alias Himbara, in one of his many disguises, pretends he is averse to fake news. But everyone knows Murunganwa is synonymous with fake news.

Fake news is his only product and merchandise. Without manufacturing fake news on a daily basis, Murunganwa would not know where to get his next joint of weed.

While he says fake news has been attracted to the Rwandan President, he is the actual fake news that has been stalking him.

It’s like burning a bush and then calling the fire brigade and pretending as if someone else started the fire in the first place. Murunganwa and his fellow fake news salesmen shared the rumour about what they perceive as the Rwandan presidential jet at a London airport parking, and the rest of the blah blah blah.

In his weed induced amnesia, he is talking about the attraction of fake news when in reality, Murunganwa is the glue and magnet that collects all types of fake news to sell to his bankrollers Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa, the criminal businessman who is the chief financier of Murunganwa’s weed addiction and Kayumba Nyamwasa’s terror outfit Rwanda National Congress which has been wrecking terror on Rwanda.

Like a warthog that has just missed a snare by a whisker, when Murunganwa realises that his lie has been exposed, he makes a very awkward turn around. His stunt of denouncing fake news is one of those moments.

The RNC terror outfit propagandist is now desperately trying to salvage his badly tarnished reputation of a fake Phd holder who peddles rumours and unsubstantiated speculation, to present them as factual presentation, only to worsen his already rotten credibility.

For example, Murunganwa knows what the Rwandan Constitution is clear on political succession in the event that the head of state is not around. But in his usual fake news spin, he mixes the Coronavirus containment strategy to create a fake narrative.

And here is the example of denouncing fake news with fake news: “Whoever spreads fake news harms Rwandan activism that is seeking progressive change.” The so called ‘Rwanda activism’ is in itself a balloon puffed up with fake air.

It is even funnier how he pens off, referring to himself and other opportunistic propaganda mercenaries as ‘pen fighters’ ostensibly ‘documenting factual accounts, not fantasies’. One wonders in which account he has ever been factual. But then you remember that it’s not him talking, it’s the weed.

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