Ugandans left wondering whether Coronavirus is more dangerous to them than Museveni’s brutal security agencies

To RNC terror outfit apologists and Uganda state house sponsored propagandists, every other country should conduct its affairs like Uganda. To them, Museveni is the ‘model leader’ that every other leader should follow. They think that like them, the rest of the world revolves around state house Uganda.

Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, the Uganda Communication Commission senior official in charge of anti-Rwanda propaganda, and David Murunganwa alias Himbara, the RNC terrorist propaganda machine under the remuneration of disgraced businessman Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa, are especially obsessed with this flawed fallacy.

The two have sustained the narrative that President Kagame, like Museveni should make daily appearances on national TV, to address the nation and give updates on Rwanda’s progress in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic. They argue that the presidential addresses are aimed at ‘comforting’ the population.

Now, the problem is that the model they want other leaders to emulate is actually the best example of what leaders should not do during a national disaster. The approach is only applicable in a country like Uganda, where the president has usurped all institutional instruments and rendered them impotent.

While Museveni has been all over television screens on a daily basis doing nothing but teach Ugandans basic biology, in the meantime the world has learnt of how Uganda government officials have exploited the pandemic for personal gain, exposing Ugandans to greater risk of infection.

The world has also been exposed to the ugliest side of Museveni’s 35 year rule, after he unleashed his army, police and Local Defense Unit, ostensibly to enforce his directives aimed at containing the spread of the pandemic in Uganda.

However, it was apparent that Museveni’s security forces are not trained to protect Ugandans, but rather, they are programmed unleash all sorts of brutality on them as well as violently suppressing political opponents, not to enforce and maintain law and order. This was evident on Kampala streets when, instead of enforcing the directives of ensuring Ugandans only go out on the streets to engage in essential activities, they descended on them with brutal force, clobbering them senselessly and looting their merchandise. To the brainwashed Museveni security forces, Ugandans are the enemy with whom they had to deal with mercilessly.

Thousands of innocent Ugandans traders, young and old, suffered broken bones and wounds, and lost the little investments and businesses that had kept them and their families scrapping through the already generally difficult situation in Uganda. Many were left wondering whether Coronavirus was actually more of a threat to their lives than Museveni’s security apparatus.

For Museveni’s propagandists Obed Katureebe and David Murunganwa Himbara to suggest that Museveni is the model leader, especially after his numerous goofs in the face of the Coronavirus Pandemic is an insult to our intelligence.

It is perhaps right for Museveni to be seen as the lead figure in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic only because he has always imposed himself on Ugandans instead of creating institutions that would outlive him and his NRM. These unnecessary appearances on TV are part of Museveni’s grand scheme in which he aims to impose himself on Ugandans as a deity of sorts, to create the impression that Ugandans would not survive without him.

The thing is, Uganda and Rwanda may as well be entities from distinctively different planets. The aspirations of Rwandans and their leaders are well set out and they always work together to achieve as much as their situations can permit, with everyone playing their respective role. The fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic is being treated as another challenge that should be tackled in the same laid out approach, only with a bit more vigilance because of the magnitude and the threat it presents.

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