Despite CMI, RNC trolls’ distraction Ugandans still remember that Museveni killed Col Noble Mayombo

Obed Katureebe, or Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook, regularly takes Museveni’s murders and pins them on others. Unfortunately for Katureebe, he cannot erase facts with mere Facebook posts as Museveni’s murders are well documented. His latest post on the late Col Noble Mayombo’s murder will only remind the world of his sponsor’s crimes.

In sponsoring the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) propagandist Obed Katureebe, the nephew of RNC cofounder Patrick Karegeya, the Ugandan ruler’s hope is that he can simply blame everything on Rwanda. The witch hunt and scapegoat tactics are state run, after all, Katureebe officially works for the Ugandan Communication Commission (UCC). Museveni pays him taxpayers’ money to hoodwink Ugandans that the mess is foreign sponsored.

Col Mayombo a well trained soldier and lawyer m, like many others, was killed by Museveni in his effort to cling to power and secure his son’s succession. It has been Museveni’s priority for the last 35 years, his sole objective and guiding principle is: How to stay and keep his family in power.

For that to be achieved, Museveni has killed with poison or outright assassinations all potential candidates for the top seat. Col Noble Mayombo, Andrew Rutakome Kayira, Francis Ayume, Gen James Kazini, Gen Aronda Nyakairima, AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, and others who exposed his regime’s shortcomings like ASP Muhamama Kirumira and many more, the list of his victims run in the hundreds.

Obed Katureebe blame games will not stick, political assassinations have been a hallmark of the Museveni regime. Worryingly, the sponsored Facebook mouthpiece drops names in his post like Lt-Gen. James Mugira. In recent years, such name dropping automatically attracts Lt-Gen. Muhoozi (Museveni’s son) jealousy and he too automatically kills whoever he perceives as a threat to his succession plan.

Gen Mugira, or anyone in UPDF who have the misfortune of being popular and “President” material, should be extremely careful as Museveni gets older and weaker. The father and son are constantly scanning for anyone that might challenge their succession project. Lt-Gen. (rtd) Tumukunde is currently tasting Father and Son resolve in their project.

Blaming Rwanda for Col Mayombo is a smoke screen. Inadvertently, it does remind us of a lethal tactic that was used by Museveni to stay in power for last 35 years.

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