CMI and ISO bosses fight over “Anti-Rwanda campaign” funds

Titus Seruga, alias Serubwa’s monologue rants against Uganda’s Internal Security Organisation boss (Rtd) Col Kaka Bagyenda is a manifest of long simmering conflict between Abel Kandiho and Kaka Byagenda occasioned by the allocation of the intelligence operations budget. Serubwa is simply a proxy being fronted by Abel Kandiho to intimidate his rival into submission so that he can cede the battle for the state house budget.

Apparently, what Serubwa has been writing about Rwanda is not the issue. Rather, as credible sources have indicated for some time, the conflict between the two intelligence chiefs is the dominant subject, and Rwanda is only featuring as collateral damage. As Serubwa fights his boss Kandiho’s proxy war against Kaka, he is obliged to follow the anti –Rwanda propaganda editorial line issued to him by Museveni’s handlers.

Commentators say it was only a matter of time before the conflict between the two notorious intelligence chiefs came to the fore. The two gentlemen are known to put their personal interests first, and their conflicts over money allocated by Museveni have been a constant feature in intelligence boardrooms. Kandiho has ammunition in Serubwa to overpower his bitter rival.

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