David Murunganwa aka Himbara turns to Rwanda’s COVID-19 cases as other anti-Rwanda narratives collapse

In his effort to slander Rwanda, David Murunganwa aka Himbara writes fiction that Rwandans are incapable of following COVID-19 social distancing measures. He claims that Rwandans are too poor and that they have no option but to violate movement restrictions to trade for survival. His claims are absurd and motivated by his failed sponsored propaganda objectives; to destabilize Rwanda.

David Murunganwa has been doctoring videos to push his hostile propaganda on Rwanda. In one instance, he uses a video of smugglers to fabricate a narrative that the smugglers are desperate legitimate traders. Yet the video clearly takes by other law abiding citizens. The weed smoking propagandist doctored interpretations cannot explain why some are taking the video peacefully. If he was sober, Murunganwa would remember that trades in food, utilities and other necessities were allowed to continue. He would then understand why legitimate traders are filming smugglers.

In a different video taken on Monday, the propagandist misleads by removing the context. The video shows one of the busiest bus stations in Rwanda as the movement restrictions come into force on day one. Naturally, a small minority of city dwellers hoped to catch a last minute bus and expressed concern. To anyone who knows how busy the bus station usually is, the video actually shows a 99.9% compliance. Once again, the terrorist propagandist deliberately omitted the context to fabricate a lie

Himbara’s sponsors insist on painting Rwanda as a poverty stricken country. He is sponsored by the corrupt Ugandan regime and an international fraudster, Tribert Rujugiro aka AnkleBeeps, who do everything to counter the Rwanda success story. They do so out of envy, jealousy and spite because progress in Rwanda makes them look bad. They pay David Murunganwa to write smears with fabricated facts as they sponsor armed terrorist militias yet none of their efforts have been successful.

The weed smoking propagandist and his sponsors see the COVID-19 as an opportunity to enhance their agenda. Murunganwa aka Himbara lives in a country with 70 times more cases than Rwanda. Himbara and his sponsors are all over 70 with frail immune systems. But they hate Rwanda so much that they are blinded by how COVID-19 is more of a threat to their lives than Rwandans.

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