After failure to attract the palace cheese boy Muhoozi’s attention, Seruga now appoints himself a Coronavirus expert

Titus the midget is too self-conceited for this life. For some obscure reason, Titus Seruga, alias Serubwa the shortie believes he is a fortune teller is sorts.

It could be the result of a false sense of empowerment and self-importance he derives from being a CMI lapdog, but some people tag it to the short man syndrome, a psychological condition where men who are vertically challenged tend to compensate what they lack in height with a false sense of superiority complex which they excessively pile on those around them.

The condition also leads victims to aggressively seek attention and may throw tantrums if they fail to get the attention their condition makes them think they deserve. A very fat ego. Recently, the midget made a fool of himself when he posted on his Facebook page a desperate lamentation aimed at attracting the attention of the palace cheese boy, the GMO general who had himself been throwing tantrums, fuming about a tweet by The New Vision which he perceived to be praising Rwanda. Well, he was sorted by the social media community (which follows no palace protocol) and was jolted back to sobriety the hard way.

Now back to the psychotic midget. Intending to take advantage of the inebriated and infuriated cheese boy, the midget messaged the GMO general that he had closely guarded ‘classified information that Rwanda had paid The New Vision for praise.

After failing to get the attention of the totally stoned cheese boy, Seruga the midget sent a parting shot, warning the cheese boy that he should be afraid because Rwanda had also paid those around him, who are supposed to provide him with information. The midget warned that this was the reason why the palace cheese boy had failed to lend him an ear.

It is apparent that Seruga the midget has tried for long to penetrate the GMO general’s circles in vain, hence the tearful despair. With an irregular check from CMI, the midget wants to find an alternative source of income, after (s )he was dumped by his Belgian boyfriend.

The midget has now resorted to piling his frustration on the Coronavirus, mumbling to himself in soliloquy, like a man possessed. He has now appointed himself the advisor of the Ugandan authorities on Coronavirus. Problem is that they too, are too overwhelmed by the daily unraveling of their cover up of infection cases in Uganda to give him any attention. Titus the CMI sponsored midget has become a very frustrated man and his psychological condition is not helping.

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