CMI loudmouth Seruga turns to blame-games as Uganda confirms first COVID-19 case

Titus Seruga, the midget based in Belgium on the Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) payroll, is so hell bent to start a war between Uganda and Rwanda that he does not hesitate to use the COVID-19 pandemic for his evil plots. As Rwanda and the world are taking measures to control the pandemic, he is already sounding his fake trumpet that Rwanda is trying to infect Uganda.

Seruga also know as Serubwa or Kaseruga (owing to his small size) lies that Rwanda has 1000 cases, and that a Rwandan national has been sent to infect Uganda. Fact is the first reported case in Uganda happens to be a Ugandan national and the most probable cases will be caused by the endemic corruption in Uganda. He overlooks that about 70 suspected cases who traveled from China recently bribed their way out of quarantine and opts to obsess about one case. He then threatens war for his fictitious infection from Rwanda; but since the 1st source of COVID-19 in Uganda turned out to be a Ugandan national from UAE (Dubai), will he be declaring war on UAE?

The CMI dwarf and his poisonous post also forgets that a Ugandan national is amongst first confirmed COVID-19 cases in Rwanda. Would he therefore suggest that Rwanda declares a war on Uganda too? The coward, agitating for wars, should also do a fact check on COVID-19; it is his country of residence that counts cases in thousands, Africa still has less than a thousand cases.

His rumormongering, paid for by the decaying corrupt Ugandan regime, will not work. Eventually, all those who bribed their way out of quarantine in Uganda and those who take corruption money to create diversions like Serubwa, will be held accountable for the crimes.

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