Over 40 COVID-19 suspects bribe their way out of Quarantine in Uganda

Ugandan regime sponsored media outlets are busy misinforming the public with a misplaced search of a coronavirus infected suspect. A Rwandan lady who recently traveled to Dubai, is the subject of all search efforts in a country where one can simply pay to get out of quarantine. Corruption has reached everywhere in Uganda, to the point that even health officials in charge of quarantine can be bribed by individuals deemed at risk of being infected.

The corrupt system, aware that a massive outbreak is about to happen, ignores its shortcomings and launches on a witch-hunt. Mushimiyimana Delphine, the subject of the misplaced search, has been turned into the bogeyman by the usual suspects that claim she was sent to infect Uganda. Her sin, being Rwandan and not offering bribes as others have done to bypass all measures put in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the Matooke republic.

Unfortunately even if she had bribed her way in, she would still be hunted down to fit the sponsored Rwandaphobic message. In Uganda, travelers can pay bribes at the airport to avoid quarantine while others will pay it at the quarantine and escape. NBS and New Vision reported that Chinese nationals suspected to be COVID-19 positive paid bribes to avoid quarantine. About 40 of them who had escaped the quarantine were arrested in a house in Naguru and about 30 more bribed their way in at the Airport.

Hundreds are said to simply pay the $1400 quarantine fee to avoid being lockdown for medical observation. In hindsight, who would really blame these Ugandan officials? Their leader, right after announcing stringent measures against public gathering to combat the pandemic, went on to organize a grand opening of the “Sino-Uganda Industrial Park”. It was a clear signal that he too puts money before health issues.

The only reason why they single out Mushimiyimana Delphine is that it gives them an excuse as to why soon, the pandemic will wreak havoc in their country. The real cause is corruption but they will take Ugandans for a ride with false claims that COVID-19 was the result of a conspiracy theory.

The toxic mix of corruption and COVID-19 will certainly lead to dire consequences. They should search for their corrupt agents, and ask them how many suspected cases they overlooked for money. The hysteria around Mushimiyimana is misplaced; it’s a diversion from real issues.

Readers should be reminded that Uganda has not confirmed a COVID-19 case yet not because there are no cases but just because the country had no testing infrastructure in the place, now that China has aided them with kits, Ugandans should prepare for the tough times ahead.

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