Ugandans panic as China donates first COVID-19 testing kits; hundreds of cases expected

Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) propaganda tabloid, SpyReports is actively propagating the delusional claim that Uganda does not have Coronavirus cases, in spite of the same having been conformed in other East African Community countries. SpyReports and other CMI tabloids continue to boast about Uganda being free from Coronavirus, and cynically scoffing at neighbours who have officially confirmed cases.

The truth is that the reason there is no officially confirmed Coronavirus case in Uganda yet is because the Uganda government had no testing infrastructure capacity. The easy way out therefore, to save face, was to hide their head in the sand and pretend that there were no Coronavirus infection cases in Uganda.

However, this does not imply that there are no infected Ugandans. Now equipped with testing kits donated by China, Coronavirus cases are expected to surface allover Uganda, and the narrative that the infections came from Rwanda will come in handy. As Museveni anticipates that the veil on their Coronavirus cover up will inevitably lift soon, the CMI tabloids have started to advance the narrative that Rwanda, their usual fall guy, is ‘sending Coronavirus patients’ to infect Ugandans, ostensibly ‘to share spoils.’

Without an iota of evidence to back their wild claims, the CMI tabloid is sharing a picture and identification profile of a lady they claim to be ‘a Rwandan’ who they say ‘escaped’ from an isolation centre in Rwanda and is being hunted by Ugandan authorities. This leaves one confused, wondering if the said patient ‘escaped’ and used ungazetted routes to enter Uganda, why then would they claim that she sent by Rwanda? Besides the subject in question is nowhere found in Rwanda’s 11 COVID-19 cases’ records; this is another fiction meant to divert public’s attention.

In a juvenile way, the CMI tabloids are even using a tone that suggests that there is no Coronavirus in Uganda because Ugandans possess mysterious powers, and insinuating that it is the fault of countries with confirmed cases because they are weak. By implication, Uganda and Burundi have no confirmed Coronavirus cases because ‘they are better countries!’

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