Belgium based CMI troll Seruga slanders ISO boss as “Clash of the Titans” intensifies at State House Entebbe

Although his posts are barely coherent due to his poor written grammar challenges, Titus Seruga’s posts on Facebook provide pointers to some serious wars within Museveni’s ruling system in general and intelligence community in particular.

Principally hired by CMI to troll the Rwandan leadership, the CMI head Brig Abel Kandiho sometimes assigns the motor mouth to rant against sister intelligence organs, namely the Internal Security Organisation, ISO. Recently, Serubwa unleashed a barrage of attacks against ISO director Kaka Bagyenda. It came as a surprise that Serubwa chose to defend embattled Henry Tumukunde against Kaka Byagenda, when everyone who followed Tumukunde’s dramatic arrest knows that CMI was also involved in the operation.

The fact that a CMI troll would openly attack the head of another intelligence organization is proof of what has been whispered about – that there is bitter rivalry among Museveni’s intelligence and security agencies and that the competition arises the share of operations funds and their master’s ear. See, the more access an intelligence organization has at Entebbe or Nakasero state house, the more tax payers’ money it will receive.

Enter Rwanda. Rwanda is currently the most lucrative commodity in the Ugandan intelligence community. The money wars between the rival Ugandan intelligence organs is focused on Rwanda. Henry Tumukunde was arrested last week on accusations that he called on Rwanda to overthrow Museveni. For a country that wants people to believe it values freedom of speech, this exposes Museveni’s hypocrisy.

As he rants, Serubwa poses: “Who hasn’t Kaka called an agent of Rwanda in all fellow security organs? From what I reliably know Kaka was put in that place on recommendation of Tumukunde and Saleh for reasons known to many of us, I find it very unfortunate that the same person can call Tumukunde an agent of Rwanda.” Indeed! Unwittingly, Serubwa tells the world how everyone in Uganda’s intelligence circles is branding the person next to him a ‘Rwandan agent’ in order to eliminate the competition for intelligence money.

Look at this in the context of Gen Salim Saleh and Tumukunde appointed Kaka to brand Kayihura a ‘Rwandan agent’ so he could be eliminated. After Kayihura exited, Kaka called Tumukunde a ‘Rwandan agent’ and he was also eliminated. CMI is now branding Kaka a ‘Rwandan agent’ who is pretending by arresting Tumukunde for making comments about Rwanda. It’s a vicious cycle and one can get dizzy trying to make sense of it.

Titus Seruga exposes that: “Kaka should look in his Organisation ISO, 50% of people around him are on Kagame’s payroll, the cleanup should be in ISO, I have not seen a (sic) institution supposed to provide intelligence focus so much on recording videos of fake suspects confessing, if they are suspects why can’t we have them in courts of law why are they on social media??” But this whole thing is part of the Uganda regime’s strategy to create a false narrative that Rwanda has infiltrated her security agencies yet in actual fact, CMI&ISO, police and UPDF were infiltrated by anti-Rwanda terror groups like RNC, FDLR and RUD-Urunana.

It is hard to understand why CMI was involved jointly with ISO and other Ugandan security agencies in the dramatic arrest of the former boss of ISO, and yet they knew that they should have actually been arresting Kaka himself. But then one realizes that it’s a free-for-all situation in the Rwandan security, where operational logic doesn’t matter anymore. It’s a matter of time before the security situation in Uganda implodes.

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