Canada based RNC terrorist David Himbara’s euphoria about a global health crisis laughable

David Himbara is mocking the world as it faces a global pandemic; the COVID19 outbreak. The weed smoking Rwanda National Congress (RNC) terrorist propagandist is in overdrive with satire, teasers, open letters, articles and blogs rejoicing that COVID19 might hurt his enemy, Rwanda. He had to stoop down to the lowest level of propaganda, dancing as tragedy strikes the world including his own hideout Canada.

As a Ugandan sponsored propagandist, Himbara is paid to smear and slander. The Uganda Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence paycheques combined with moneys he receives from the international fraudster Tribert Rujugiro; make Himbara write a constant stream of nonsense. He always targets the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM2020) scheduled in June 2020 in Kigali as it represents a threat to his venous campaign. This time, he uses COVID19 as an excuse to once again call for CHOGM2020 to be cancelled.

While others are thinking of how to contain COVID19, how to vaccinate or find a cure, he is only concerned about CHOGM2020. In his obsession, he forgets that we are still 3 months away from the event. He also seems to forget that even if the event was to be postponed, CHOGM2019’s decision to convene in Kigali still stands!

Himbara who is constantly scheming and plotting with anti-Rwandan forces, ought to worry about more relevant matters with regards to COVID19. How will his lungs fair against the novel coronavirus given his old age and his despicable lifestyle? CHOGM2020 will be held in Rwanda despite his efforts to sabotage it. Besides, as he is not on the CHOGM2020 guest list, why does he link COVID19 and CHOGM2020? More so the RNC fugitive is nowhere on the panel of decision makers of CHOGM. Himbara should sober up and focus on how get the medication since he tested positive to COVID-19.

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