Mentally deranged RNC duo Nuwamanya and Rugali attempt to lower Museveni’s stress levels on border closure

RNC minions giving Museveni anesthesia by making him think that ‘all is well’ in Uganda

Faced with imminent extradition to Rwanda, thanks to the extradition treaty signed during the Gatuna/Katuna Quadripartite Summit, the RNC Uganda Province agents are getting panicky.

The terrorists are not left with many options, especially after Museveni summoned them to Entebbe State House and advised them to keep a low profile by doing a double conceal to lessen the pressure on him resulting from his bad decision of harboring and supporting terrorist groups bent to wreck terror on Rwanda.

The RNC terrorism merchants are now sucking up to Museveni and his NRM to convince him not to extradite them. However, they know quite well that this is a futile effort because they cannot hide forever.

To avoid detection, the RNC terrorists have now resorted to writing their incendiary CMI propaganda posts anonymously. Sula Nuwamanya, who is among the top candidates for extradition, has written jointly with disgraced Gideon Rukundo Rugali on one of the CMI propaganda blogs, business focus, under the pseudonym of Sam Evidence Orikunda, in an attempt to suck up to Museveni so he can protect them from extradition.

In the disgustingly sycophantic post, Sulah and his disgraced comrade in terrorism are trying to desperately suggest that Uganda has not been affected by the closure of Gatuna border. In their juvenile logic, the deranged duo is trying to downplay the impact of the closed border on the Ugandan economy, despite the fact that different reports and evidence on the ground show a gloomy picture. In spite of the denials and attempted cover up by the RNC terrorists who wish to make Museveni feel good by lowering his stress levels by assuming that ‘all is well’, Uganda’s economy is on a nose dive.

The free fall is manifested by significantly reduced activity in Kampala’s business hubs like Kikubo and Kisekka markets, towns nearing the borders with Rwanda like Kabale and Kisoro have become ghost towns, businesses have collapsed and number of factories have closed down this is an undeniable fact.

Yes, Uganda will soon be on its knees, and before long it will be on its belly, that is if Museveni fails to comply with the Luand MoU and the Gatuna/Katuna Summit recommendations.

While the post seeks to present a resilient Uganda that is able to withstand immense pressure on its economy resulting from the standoff, the tone is actually that of despair and a plea for mercy from Rwanda to open the border. But as they call on Rwanda to respect Pan Africanism and Museveni on grounds that he is and elder, the CMI propagandists deliberately ignore the fact that it is elder Museveni who brought all the problems to Uganda, by trying to bite more than he could chew. While he wants to mind the business of his neighbours, speaking about infighting in the RPF, his own NRM is imploding, with reverberations being seen as far as within the UPDF senior leadership.

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