CMI’s Obed Katureebe (RPF Gakwerere) and David Himbara’s campaign to cancel CHOGM 2020 yields no results

Obed Katureebe via his Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere Facebook page is struggling to find a negative story on Rwanda. With the ongoing tensions in Uganda, his job is to distract attention from serious issues by sustaining a hostile propaganda on Rwanda.

The loony Katureebe takes simple steps to earn a living for his Uganda Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence sponsor. He scans for news or creates stories and weaponizes it with his propagandist touch. For example, when the US released country reports on the state of human rights, he only looked at the Rwanda country report. His hope was that by doing so, the Ugandan one that pins his CMI institution for gross violations would be overlooked.

His diversion is understandable, the Ugandan country report reads like a horror story with rape, torture, abductions and killing. In all violations, CMI is mentioned, cited and single out. He had to spin his sponsor out of the limelight by setting up a diversion to the Rwanda report.

Furthermore, with the COVID19 pandemic, Katureebe attempts to hide the Ugandan regime’s lack of preparedness. He obsessively comments about the postponement of the EAC meeting forgetting that even the Ugandan parliament has been suspended sine die in an effort to contain the pandemic. This is after a Ugandan member of parliament announced that he had managed to travel back from South Korea without being screen. Fortunately, Rwanda is currently chairing the EAC Summit and it has so far proved to be extremely proactive in infectious diseases control.

With cheap provocations, the Ugandan regime continues to use Rwanda as a diversion. Eventually, after 34 years, the Museveni regime will have to deliver tangible results to Ugandans; cheap propaganda will not work forever!

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