Diversion endorsed as CMI’s new strategy to coerce Rwanda for the border opening

CMI Facebook mercenary Obed Katureebe’s posts sometimes provide for good entertainment. Seeing him rant and curse, pretending to know so much about Rwanda, you would expect that this would embarrass him, especially since he is supposed to doing some normal work as stipulated in his terms of reference at the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC). But not Obed Katureebe, because CMI has since issued him with a new orientation, from doing what Ugandan tax payers pay him for, to what CMI would like him do for them, which is to attack Rwanda and its leaders. Under pressure to earn the CMI paycheck, Obed Katureebe has suddenly transformed himself into a fiction writer.

Since the CMI orientation requires him to throw as much dirt on Rwanda as possible in a day, he makes sure he concocts what to post on his Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere Facebook page, but more often than not, he is let down by his overstretched imagination. A combination of lack of substance and a fatigued imagination lead him to posting outrageous falsehoods.

His latest claim goes: “The latest information from “the land of seven hills” shows that the Rwandan communities neighbouring Uganda have been barred dancing Kiganda and Kinyankore dances during the wedding ceremonies.” Juvenile and cheap insults aside, how does he expect people to believe the nonsense he peddles, alleging that a country can ban its people from practicing their preferred culture? Rwanda is a cultural melting pot, considering that Rwandans have at one period or another, lived in different countries in the region and beyond, for various reasons. Rwandans are free to dress, eat, dance and behave the way the please. If anybody decides out of their own volition not to identify with their tormentor, no one would blame them.

Rwanda’s problem with Uganda is the support accorded to negative elements that wish to deny its people the peace and stability they deserve. Rwanda also has an issue with the abduction, harassment and incarceration of its nationals who don’t wish to be recruited to join those negative elements, who are unfortunately supported by the Uganda Government. Obed’s outlandish concoctions are only meant as a diversion from these issues.

If this is CMI’s strategy of trying to coerce Rwanda to open the border, then they are hitting way off target. The MoU and subsequent Summit recommendations are clear. Obed should be advising his master Museveni to stop dithering around and act as per the Gatuna/Katuna Summit recommendations so that the relations between Rwanda and Uganda can be normalized. However, the behavior and conduct of Museveni, CMI and their hired goons like Obed Katurebe, tabloids like Chmipreports, Softpowernews, Spyreports etc are sending mixed signals concerning their goodwill. The clock is ticking.

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