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Sulah Nuwamanya, RNC Liaison Officer to Uganda Seeking An Alliance With Tumukunde

Rwanda National Congress’s sycophant, the nincompoop Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi who now doubles as a terrorist and Uganda regime adviser on succession politics battles, is forging a very complicated alliance with Gen Henry Tumukunde who declared his intentions to challenge Museveni in 2021. Nuwamanya also happens to be a known RNC propagandist and official in Kampala, liaising between RNC, the Ugandan President and the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

Sulah Nuwamanya’s Identity

He made usual incoherent rants following Henry Tumukunde’s statement that “if I was Rwanda I would support leadership change in Uganda.” Nuwamanya and his master terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa panic whenever they hear anything about Rwanda. Going by Tumukunde’s statement, they wrongfully think Rwanda would do what Uganda has been doing and that it would support dissidents from Uganda like Tumukunde to overthrow Museveni.

Rwanda has no interest in Uganda’s succession politics; whatever goes on there is strictly Uganda’s business.

Sulah and Co have tried so hard to oppose and undermine the recently signed extradition treaty, which will see both countries exchanging criminals. RNC minions are on a rampage trying to convince Museveni not to hand them over to Rwanda. Yet by the look of things, the Ugandan ruler will not risk his already fragile economy for mere goons that have turned Uganda into a terrorists’ hub plotting to destabilize neighboring countries.

Sulah knows very well that Tumukunde did not uproot Rwandan terrorists as he claimed; Tumukunde was rather involved in the persecution of innocent Rwandans on the Ugandan soil. Through CMI and RNC’s Deo Nyirigira, Sulah Nuwamanya, Prossy Bonabaana just to mention a few, Tumukunde mounted a manhunt on all Rwandan nationals who refuse to join or support anti-Rwanda schemes; they were abducted, held incommunicado, tortured and some of them killed on his orders.

It is worth recalling that Tumukunde and CMI’s head Kandiho featured in Rene Rutagungira’s torture case; they personally tortured the Rwandan victim forcing him to confess having been spying on Uganda for Rwanda. Tumukunde slapped Rutagungira and threatened him that if he refuses to accuse Rwanda of sending him to spy on Uganda then he would have him killed.

Nuwamanya will deceive no one with his cheap claims and attempts to sanitize terrorists by branding them refugees and asylum seekers. These are the same people involved in the RNC mobilization, recruitment and training of militias plotting to wreak terror on Rwanda.

Panicky Sulah is naturally attacking the extradition treaty. With the extradition treaty signed, things will get worse for the RNC terrorists and will soon come into effect regardless of RNC lapdogs’ rants. Eventually, Nuwamanya and Co will be extradited to Rwanda and face justice for terrorism crimes.

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